This is SKYRACK No. 10, dated 1st December 1959 and published by Ron Bennett, 7 Southway, Arthurs Avenue, HARROGATE, Yorkshire, England. 6d per copy, six issues for 2/6d. 35 cents for 6 Issues in USA, subscriptions to Bob Pavlat, 6001-43rd Avenue, Hyattsville, Md. News of fannish interest gratefully accepted. Cartoon by Arthur Thomson. Contributors :E. J. Carnell, Pam & Ken Bulmer, Ken Slater, Sandy Sanderson, Norman Shorrock.



Following an extremely healthy response by SF fans during the past year there is now sufficient money in the TAFF treasury to guarantee the American delegate’s London trip at Easter. The Administrators of the Fund have decided to put forward the date of the return trip and have high hopes of seeing a delegate representing British fandom at the World Convention in Pittsburgh next September.

Time is obviously the chief obstacle to the plan and accordingly nominations for candidates are now invited, in spite of the present Fund’s continuance, and these must satisfy the following conditions:

1. Each candidate’s nomination must be signed by 3 well known fans from Britain and/or the Continent and 2 from North America.
2. The nominators must enclose a bond of good faith of a total of five. dollars or thirty-five shillings with their nomination.
3. The chief nominator should provide a hundred word election platform detailing why it is considered his/her candidate should be elected. This platform will be printed on the official ballot.
4. The candidates must sign a declaration showing willingness, barring illness, Act of God, etc., to travel to the l960 WorldCon.
5. Nominations must be received by either Bob Madle, 672 Ripley St., Brookville, Alexandria, Virginia, USA or Ron Bennett by midnight l5th January,l960. No late nominations can possibly be considered.

FIFTY FANS have now voted in the British “half” of the TRANS ATLANTIC FAN FUND. Whilst the money on hand now guarantees the chosen delegate the trip to London at Easter, it is hoped that fans who have not yet voted will do so before the voting deadline of 31st December. Ballots and money to myself or Bob Madle (addresses on cover).

November 14th dawned bright and early at 10.20 a.m. at the Bennett household in Harrogate to the chimes of the front door bell. On answering the door, I discovered that we had been invaded by Brian Burgess who had set out at one o’clock in the morning to hitchhike north to Leeds to meet Michael and Betty Rosenblum and to take a loo at Mike’s collection of ancient fanzines. Brian took a side trip of some forty miles to visit Harrogate before moving on to Grosvenor Park. On November 15th I went over to the Liverpool area to look up Norman and Ina Shorrock and learn about the LaSFaS party which had taken place at the Maghull residence of Pat and Frank Milnes over the weekend of November 7th/8th. At Higher Bebington  I met, in addition to Norman and Ina, John Roles, Eddie Jones, Norman Weedall and Alan Rispin who had travelled over from Manchester. We played brag of course, and discovered a new fannish disease in prial-itis, a nervous disorder suffered by lesser beings.

THE LIVERPOOL PARTY at Pat and Frank Milnes’ celebrated both the Gunpowder Plot and the Liverpool Club’s 400th and something meeting. Two mundane and non-fan friends of the hosts - women, too - played brag all night and Norman Weedall disappeared at 3 a.m. After a lengthy search, others present were thinking of calling the police to drag the canal which runs behind Damfield Lane when Norman turned up after having been on a long walk. The party broke up early Sunday morning, a great success. Frank entered hospital 10 am the same morning. Sid Birchby drove over from Manchester mid morning Sunday to find that the birds had flown. The next Liverpool party will take place at the Higher Bebington home of Norman and Ina Shorrock over the weekend of 9th/10th January.

THE TWENTY-SECOND OMPA MAILING should have been mailed by the end of this week. Some bundles are already on their way to the States. MORPH from John Roles and a small gift bundle from Bjo Wells are included in the mailing but are not listed on the OFF TRAILS cover, having arrived after the deadline and after the stencil was cut and run off. A small fire at Southway, Friday 27th November, destroyed a sheet of wrapping paper but the mailings themselves were saved by prompt action of the Association Editor who, when interviewed by SKYRACK, said, ”No medals. Just send money.”

PAMELA and KEN BULMER announce that they look forward to the birth of their first offspring in March. Pamela says that she is disgustingly healthy and it is hoped.that everything goes well at Tresco, where the baby will be born.

ON THURSDAY 12th NOVEMBER and Saturday 14th, the BBC Home Service broadcast THE END OF THE ROAD, a play by Goronwy Rees. The action of the play is far in the future at the trial of a Dr.Awkwright (played by Kenneth Griffith), a scientist who possesses the ultimate weapon capable of destroying the universe.

APORRHETA l3, Sept - Nov 1959 (Sandy Sanderson, “Inchmery,” 236 Queens Road New Cross, London SE 14; 50 pages; 1/6 or 20 per copy, 6 for /- or $1, 12 for 15/- or $2) Whilst it is obvious that Sandy is finding it harder and harder to keep to a monthly schedule, it is equally as difficult to pick out any item in this issue which would not gain pride of place in a lesser fanzine. Although the Inchmery Fan Diary is present only in the form of a letter column, the regular columnists Joy Clarke and Penelope Fandergaste are augmented by contributions by Harry Warner (whose “I Remember Napoleon” is distinctly Shavian - BoShavian) and Dean Grennell. Jim Linwood reports on the party Inchmery held in Manchester. One “Cantaloupe Flabbergaste” criticizes the apas, Atom continues his A to Z series of fannish cartoons. Bob Leman and George Locke contribute an excellent trufan story each. A wonderful issue.

RETRIBUTION 14 Nov 1959 (John Berry, 31 Campbell Park Avenue , Belmont, Belfast 4, N.Ireland; 27pp; 1/- or 15 cents) Whilst an issue of the wRETch is always welcome this issue falls below the high standard set by earlier Berryzines. It is, however, still a bright light on the zinescene and well worth getting. John writes “From the Heart” about his recent trip to the Detention, reports on the latest Tea Drinking Championship held in Belfast in October, poses another Who’d Be a Goon problem and illustrates much of the zine in addition to telling his own tale of two cities, his meetings with the two Ian McAulays of fandom. (As a sideline, John makes the mistake of announcing that only he and Walt Willis have accomplished this feat. Ha.) Walt Willis writes on Fancy II, Bloch reports on the Detention and John Berry scoops fandom by reprinting Poul Anderson’s excellent Detention speech. And this is a below standard Retribution?

NORTHLIGHT 7 (Alan Burns,Goldspink House , Goldspink Lane, Newcastle 2; 22pp; “People whose conscience tickles should send moneys to TAFF”) A very individual fanzine, Northlight has never been in the top line of British publications, but has continued to improve steadily. Terry Jeeves defends the BSFA against accusations made in the last issue. Alan reports on his Jugoslav holiday. Sandy Sandfield has a nine page column, part of which concerns itself with London O affairs. There is a letter column, some verse, and illustrations by McIntyre.

HYPHEN 23 Nov 1959 (Walt Willis, 170 Upper N’Ards Rd or 27 Clonlee Drive, Belfast 4, N.Ireland; 24pp; 1/- or 15g) HYPHEN has been the leading British fanzine for such a long time that it is difficult to find superlatives to describe it which have not been used before. I don’t think this issue is up to the standard of APORRHETA’s latest offering but Hyphen’s high quality of throw out humour cannot be surpassed. This is the appreciation issue to welcome Bob Shaw back to Ireland. Bob himself writes another chapter of Irish fandom and reports on his trip from Canada back home via the SolaCon. Walt and Vince Clarke contribute in mock-Shavian manner the Quartz Quintal and the Glass Grunch. Ray Nelson and Atom have cartoons. There are also letters, an Atom cover and 29 bacover quotes.

CACTUS 2 Winter 1959-60 (Sture Sedolin, PO Box 403, Vallingby 4, Sweden; 27 pp;7/- for 10 issues to Alan Dodd, 77 Stanstead Rd, Hoddesdon, Herts) The best Swedish fnz printed in English. Contributions from Terry Jeeves, Alan Burns, Clayton Hamlin, Bob Lichtman and Ray Nelson.

WITH ISSUE 89, dated December and on sale from Nov 27th, the price of NEW WORLDS will be increased to 2/6d. This price increase will not affect the Australian Edition. Editor John Carnell writes that the increase is due to the printing strike and the resultant higher wages in print production “Some improvements will be forthcoming however, in the new year, for instance, a better cover paper...” Subscriptions received up to the end of November will be honoured at the old rate. The price increase does not affect other NOVA mags.

KEN SLATER 75 Norfolk Street, Wisbech, Cambs., is acting as the British Representative for the 18th World SF Convention to be held next September 3/5th in Pittsburgh. Membership costs two dollars in the States, 7/6 to British fans. Advertising data runs from one dollar to a professional rate of 12 dollars and full particulars may be obtained from Ken, from myself, or from Mrs. A.G. Archer, 1453 Barnsdale Street, Pittsburgh 17, Pa , USA.,

SMOKE 2 Nov 1959 (George Locke, 85 Chelsea G’dens, London SW 1; 49pp; 1/- or 15 ). This second issue maintains the high promise shown by the first. Belle Dietz contributes a Detention report and Archie Mercer mentions SKYRACK’s accuracy in his report on the London Symposium. Harry Warner and Vince Clarke look backward. Contributions by Ivor Mayne, Ella Parker, Sid Birchby, Andy Young, Roge Rogers and Vic Ryan make up an issue which has still to be read through completely.

WALTER GILLINGS has started a Press Relations Agency to cover the South Essex area. He hopes eventually to start training courses for young journalists. # ALFRED HITCHCOCK was recently interviewed on BBC’s Desert Island Discs. He mentioned PSYCHO and said it is in “the nature of a gentle horror picture.” # MGM-British are to make The Midwich Cuckoos with George Saunders. # Richard Attenborough and Nigel Patrick are to star in the film “The League of Gentlemen” which sounds much like Boland’s mystery.