This is SKYRACK No.11, dated 1st January 1960 and published by Ron Bennett, 7 Southway, Arthurs Avenue, HARROGATE, Yorkshire, England. 6d per copy, six issues for 2/6d. 35 cents for 6 issues in USA (65cents for 6 issues sent by air), subscriptions to Bob Pavlat, 6001. 43rd Ave. Hyattsville, Maryland. News of fannish interest gratefully accepted. Cartoon by Atom. Contributors: Sandra Hall, Eric Bentcliffe, Bruce Burn, F.Dietz, D.Ellington, Roles and Alan Rispin.


The London Convention will take place from Good Friday, 15th April to Easter Monday, 18th April. The Convention hotel is The Dominion, at Lancaster Gate. Bed & Breakfast 35/- with reductions for juniors who would be willing to share rooms in threes or fours. Lunch 10/6. Dinner 15/-. Bookings should be made direct to the Hotel Manager who is reported as being a congenial person who is “convention minded”. If bookings are made before the end of January the Manager will place Convention attendees in a block.

There will be two Guests of Honour this year, Ted Carnell (who needs no introduction as the editor of the Nova magazines) and the TAFF delegate, whose name is expected to be announced within the next few days.

The Convention fee will be inclusive for the duration of the Convention and has been set at 15/- (10/- for BSFA members and reduction for juniors). Deposits on Convention fees may be paid to Archie Mercer, 434/4 Newark Road, North Hykeham, Lincoln.

To help with Convention work, the BSFA Committee has co-opted an Advisory Committee comprising Terry Jeeves, Eric Bentcliffe, Ken Bulmer, Norman Shorrock and Ron Bennett. Secretary is Sandra Hall, 41 North End House, Fitz-James Avenue, London W.l4.

BRUCE BURN reports from New Zealand. “Roger Horrocks recently broadcast to the nation, a talk which explained the origins of the craters of the moon. There is no truth in the rumour that he advertised the Tower to the Moon experiment during his lecture.” Bruce recently bought a motor-cycle (1952 Velocette MAC). and as the notorious duo of Akatarawa, Toni and Lynette Vondruska have been silent on the fannish scene for some months, Bruce rode up to their  “wild territory.” There was no sign of the Vondruska family and Bruce hopes to make another journey in the New Year.

TAFF. The Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund is now winding up the campaign to bring a delegate from America for the London EasterCon, Said delegate’s name will be published in the next issue of SKYRACK. Meanwhile the Administrators of the Fund have decided to put forward the date of the return trip and nominations are invited for candidates. These nominations must reach either Bob Madle (672 Ripley Street, Brookville, Alexandria, Virginia USA) or Ron Bennett by midnight, 15th January 1960. No late nominations can be considered, so GET WEAVING!!! Nominations must be signed by 5 well known fans (3 from Britain, 2  from North America) and must be accompanied by five dollars or thirty-five shillings. The chief nominator should provide a hundred word election platform on why he considers his candidate should be elected. This platform will be printed on the official ballot. All candidates must sign a declaration showing willingness, barring illness, Act of God,etc., to travel to the l960 WorldCon in Pittsburgh next September. So far no nominations have been received, but names mentioned in correspondence as possible runners include Arthur Thomson and Eric Bentcliffe.

STATESIDE NEWS. Americans look ahead, as was revealed on 28th November when a Committee was formed in New York with the purpose of running a regional convention in the city to coincide with the New York Worlds Fair over the weekend of 4th July, 1964. This Faircon also celebrates the 25th Anniversary of the First World SF Convention. Nominations to the Committee were elected unanimously and the membership now stands as Belle & Frank Dietz, James Taurasi, Hans Santessan, Sam and Christine Moskowitz, Georgc Nims Raybin, Milton Spahn, Joe Casey, Frank Prieto, Wally Cole, Ed Meskys, Harriet Kolchak, Les Gerber, Max and Elaine Phillips with Forry Ackerman as West Coast Advisor. Dick and Pat Ellington are all set to move to the West Coast. They have bought a second hand car and will travel the northern route in mid month, taking in Seattle, Dick’s home town, en route to Frisco. Dick has made arrangements to have mail forwarded until he settles in, so that his POBox 104,Cooper Station, New York 3, New York address still holds good. And it is reported from Minneapolis (15th Dec) that Redd Boggs was fined $500 and placed on two years probation on a postal charge.

BRITISH MUSEUM copyright receipts are going to be rare. The Museum’s Copyright Receipt Office have announced that from 1st January “A copyright receipt will be issued for the first number of a periodical, and thenceforth for each completed volume or year.”

APORRHETA 14,  December 1959 (Sandy Sanderson, “Inchmery,” 236 Queens Rd., New X, London SE 14; 48pp; 1/6 or 20 cents per copy, 6 for ‘8/- or $l, l2 for l5/- or $2). This issue of Ape rolled in shortly after I’d reviewed the 13th issue, and its rather a frightening thought that Sandy might be keeping me busy deliberately. This issue is noteworthy for the cleverest terse verse I’ve ever seen in a fanzine, Sid Birchby’s "Cursory Rhymes for Blown-Ups” which tie in nicely with anti-nuclear letters from Paul Hammet and Bill Temple. George Locke has a long fannish story and a couple of pages on Peyote. John Berry writes about "Berth Control at 23000 Feet.” Harry Warner continues his last month’s column, Dean Grennell writes on other fandoms. Joy Clarke appeals on behalf of the World Refugee Year and Penelope Fandorgaste’s rambling includes a sf quiz. Sandy skits on fannish take over bids and includes a hodge-podge letter column. Another wonderful issue with Sid’s rhymes outstanding.

FEMIZINE 12, 1959 (Ethel Lindsay, Courage House , 6 Langley Ave., Surbiton, Surrey;24pp;1/- or 15 cents). Paying another welcome visit to the zinescene is this presentation of the woman’s viewpoint. Joy Clarke and Ella Parker collaborate on a wonderful little piece about the fannish spirit of l70 Upper N’Ards. Diane Berry shows deductive brilliance superior to that of her husband. Joy Clarke reviews 30 fan titles. Bjo introduces Djinn Faine with complete a pen-picture seen in fanzines. Pamela Bulmer devotes her “Wig Wam” column to the economics of politics and there are odd spots by Anne Chamberlain and Ethel herself, as well as a good letter column in the old tradition. A well edited issue, with layout and artwork vastly improved.

CAMBER 11 (Alan Dodd, 77 Stanstead Road, Hoddesdon, Herts; 40 pp; 1/- or 15cents). This latest issue contains some excellent artwork by Bill Harry and Jim Cawthorne, but otherwise falls below the high standard people expect those days from British fan editors. The magazine still provides, however, light and entertaining reading with most of the written material being contributed by the editor.

EUSTACE 1 Winter 1959 (Mike Moorcock, 30 Benhillwood Rd, Sutton, Surrey; 30pp; “No subs wanted until further notice.”) For his latest fanzine venture, Mike has collected some interesting material though in places the magazine appears to have been put together hurriedly. Mike writes on odd topics including interesting items on Soho and his experiences with TARZAN ADVENTURES. A wellknown fan writing under the house name of “Bob Lumley” gives advice to the neofan. Alan Dodd contributes a film review. Sandra Hall has an. all too short piece on her recent visit to Moscow. George Locke browses through the bookshops of Farringdon Road. Sir Robert Richardson begins a serial full of historical pageantry.

FANNY is a Swedish fanzine  from Anders S.Froberg, Skolhusallen l, Sundsvall, Sweden. This issue contains an English section with Mike Deckinger’s Film Notes, a Virginia Phillips story, a note on The World,Thc Flesh and The Devil and Clayton Hamlin’s “Down With Fanzines” Hmmm.

IN LONDON fans can go over to Leicester Square to see Nevil Shute’s “ON THE BEACH” which stars Gregory Peck, Ava Gardner, and Fred Astaire. Peck was last week interviewed on the BBC and said that he had based his portrayal as the American submarine Commander, Dwight Towers, on the Commander of the Nautilus. The weekly "Tit-Bits” for 19th December splashed out with three photos showing Peck chasing Ava Gardner across a beach. Author Nevil Shute is reported as having refused to see the film and a friend of his was quoted in The News Chronicle as saying,”The love interest is overplayed and the ending coarsened.” # Last issue’s mention that “The League of Gentlemen” featuring Nigel Patrick and Richard Attenborough sounded like John Boland’s novel has now been verified. The plot concerns the robbery of an actual London bank, based on that bank’s real-life time table. Boland is known in the SF field for his first novel “White August.” # On 5th December, Harrogate fandom attended a Leeds showing of “The World, The Flesh and The Devil” and was suitably impressed by the New York scenes.

DON DURWARD, 6033 Garth Ave. Los Angeles 56, California, USA wants SKYRACKs 1-3 to complete his file. I have other back numbers on hand at regular sub rates. Note that for 65 cents for 6 issues Stateside fans can now obtain SKYRACK sent airmail. A copy sent from Harrogate last month reached California in five days.

ALAN RISPIN announces the formation of the Irlam SF Society with two members. Alan also mentions a day trip down to the Stourbridge fans which took him 7 hours to get there and four hours returning.

STRANGE BALLS OF LIGHT were seen in the sky over the Yorkshire village of Leyburn on 3rd December. “They were tremendously powerful, like enormous headlights. They made a semi-circular sweep, reaching half way to the zenith before falling away,” said the Rev A.P. Durrant, the retired clergyman who saw the lights. # John Roles mentions that Bill Harry turned up at a Liverpool meeting a couple of weeks ago and said that he had 20 pages of the next BIPED on stencil. # Eric Bentcliffe, who hopes to include a flyer with the next SKYRACK, reports that both Frank Milnes and Doc Weir have been in hospital, but are now back in general circulation and on the way to recovery. It is hoped that their recovery is both speedy and complete. # TRIODE 17 will be out this month.