This is SKYRACK No. 21, dated 25th July, 1960 and published by Ron Bennett, 7 Southway, Arthurs Avenue, Harrogate, Yorkshire, England. 6d per copy, 2/6d for 6 issues. Subscriptions in USA @ 35cents for six issues (6 issues airrnailed for 65cents) to Bob Pavlat, 6001 43rd Avenue, Hyattsville, Maryland. Cartoon by Arthur Thomson. News of interest to sf fandom is welcomed.



151 Canterbury Road, West Kilburn, London N.W.6.

SCIENCE FICTION CLUB OF LONDON PARTY. At the invitation of Sister Ethel Lindsay the meeting of the SFCL scheduled for 1st July was held two days later at Courage House. Arhur “Atom” Thomson brought along his wife, Olive, and child, Heather, the latter having brought in her turn her latest new toy, a “biff-bat” which has a ball attached to the bat by a piece of elastic. There was an unofficial competition to see who could hit the ball with the bat most times. The snag was avoiding being hit in the face by the ball on its return trip. I’d love to report that Heather won the contest but in fact Vince Clarke was the victor with at least 98 hits. Ethel provided us with one of those Wobbly balls and we tried our hands (?) at a game of football. When the ball won’t travel towards the point at which it is aimed it causes much hilarity and it also provided much needed exercise for us city types. It was a treat to sit out on the terrace in deck chairs to have our teas. Ethel did us proud in the way of refreshments. Those of us who took full advantage of her hospitality wore: Ken & Irene Potter, Jimmy Groves, Arthur, Olive and Heather Thomson, Vince and Nicki Clarke, Don Geldart and Ella Parker. Unfortunately, George Locke had to stay in barracks and do some work for a change and Ted Forsyth had left for the north in connection with his job, so he too was absent. We broke up at 9.30, tired and happy, having thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. (EAP)

This issue of SKYRACK has been delayed because of pressure of mundane type work. Most unfannish and apologies all round. From July 26th I’ll be staying at Ella Parker’s Penitentiary in London until the end of August. Watch out, London. Bennett is with you....

SIDEREAL 4 (Eric Jones, 44 Barbridge Road, Hesters Way, Cheltenham, Glos. 42pp). SURPRISE! SURPRISE!! Admittedly, this issue, dated 30th June 1956, is a little overdue, but the Cheltenham gang have got in a little gag line about the issue being dead on time! Archie Mercer writes an account of the long Liverpool party weekend of Whitsun 1956. Lan Wright contributes a story. Mike Wallace reports on his 1955 visit to Archie’s caravan. There are also letters, items by Terry Jeeves, Ron Bennett and Peter Mabey and a strip cartoon by one “Tex.” Whilst the issue is somewhat disappointing in its lack of items by fans who have been on the Cheltenham scene for some little time now the general spirit of the zine makes it one which has been worth waiting the four years to see.

Y0RKSHIRE FAN MEETINGS have been swinging. On 3rd July, Eric Bentcliffe TAFF’S travel-elect Delegate visited Mal and Sheila Ashworth in Bradford and I went along to report on the meeting. After chow-chow (ech!) at Fung Ying’s restaurant we moved up to Eccleshill for afternoon nap and several glasses of Sheila’s excellent Irish coffee. The four of us also got together in Harrogate on 17th July when we were joined by Alan Rispin. Alan had hitched from Manchester and arrived about three hours after his expected time of arrival. His face when after six hours hard hitch hiking, Eric told him that the return fare to Manchester was only 12/3d.... We had sandwiches, more afternoon nap, sandwiches, brag, sandwiches, substitute Irish coffee, and....anyone want a sandwich?

FIELD MARSHALL ELECT GEORGE LOCKE reports on the Globe evening of 15 June when Bob and Barbara Silverberg hit town: “Locke supposed to be watching sports, but wanting to meet Agbergs at Globe, dodges numerous military police, shells out 2 days pay in train fare and arrives at Globe hot and tired. Jim Groves, Ella Parker and newcomer Ted Armitage present when John Brunner walks in with Bob and Barbara. John introduces them to Ted but did not introduce them to the rest of us. I could see that they seemed embarrassed.” *** George also writes on a visit to see the film based on Wyndham’s “The Midwich Cuckoos,” THE VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED: “This is a very nicely, concisely handled film, from the shots showing the police and military investigating the invisible field which throws the village into unconsciousness, through the development of the alien children which are born after the field goes away, to the climax. The children themselves are some of t the strangest, most alien, ever created on the screen and the final battle of mental forces between George Sanders and the aliens is very effective.”

COMMERCIAL: Imagine, in a few year’s time, a pair of blue, trusting eyes looking into yours, and a small voice asking “What was it like at the LXICON dad?” and then the trust slowly turning into disappointment as he totters away with slumped shoulders, your reply ringing in his ears, “I - I - I didn’t go to the LXICON, son."

KING BILLY BURIED. Peggy White and her vile pro husband, James, spent the week 20/26th June with Johnny Hautz down in Bray, County Wicklow. Walt and Madeleine Willis followed to spend the weekend with Ian McAulay who reports that fuller details “will no doubt appear in sundry fanzines when the various participants recover.”

ORION 16 wanted. 3 issue subscription to SKYRACK for first copy.

ORION 25 (Ella A. Parker, 151 Canterbury Road, West Kilburn,London N.W.6. 58 pages. l/-) I goofed. This magazine should have been reviewed amongst last month’s offerings, but my filing system being infallible..... And ORION is too good to let pass by without a recommendation. The issue kicks off with Atom’s cover impression of the LonCon hall and with Ella’s account of the hectic life her household led during the convention week. Any fans who have been urging Ella to write more will be pleased wijth this eight page editorial. Ken Bulmer remembers New York in his best “Taff Tales” to date. Arthur Thomson reviews fanzines in a humourous. manner. Ex-editor Uncle Paul Enever contributes a Conversation Piece, John Berry has another of his popular Sergeant stories.Joe Patrizio graces the Bloodbank section, Len Moffatt poses a problem and Terry Jeeves, Rory Faulkner and George Locke contribute short items. There are also 11 pages of letters in the best ORION tradition and a couple of pages of notes on fanzines make up a meaty issue.

QUANTUM 7 (John Martin Baxter, 29 Gordon Road,Bowral, N.S.W.Australia l/-.30pp) QUANTUM continues to take the eye with a hodge-podge (that’s a compliment)of interesting material. Editor Baxter rambles, Don Tuck reviews Startling Stories, Bruce Burn contributes a short story and letters are thrown in for good measure. The issue is worth its price for an outstanding parody of Etherline which has the right touches without the take-off being overdone. A thoroughly entertaining zine in the best “let’s have fun” tradition.

FEMIZINE (FEZ) 14.Summer 1960.(Ethel Lindsay, Courage House, 6 Langley Avenue, Surbiton, Surrey. l/-... 10pp). FEZ still continues to possess entertaining touches, but this is not one of Ethel’s best issues. Bjo Wells contributes the best item, a pen portrait of Miri Carr, and other contributors are Janey Johnson, Juanita Coulson and. Virginia Schultheis.

NORTHLIGHT 10 (Alan Burns, Goldspink House, 6 Goldspink Lane, Newcastle on Tyne 2. 26pp). This thickest Northlight for some time. Terry Jeeves analyses his favourite sf stories, three German fans write on European fandom and Dick Schultz writes on the American Negro problem. Alan goes through the letters and fanzines in his “In Tray”and also writes a nice but short editorial. Now that NORTHLIGHT has got over its cribbing at Inchmery fandom, it shows a marked improvement.

VECTOR 8 (Official Journal of the BSFA. Subscriptions to the Association are £1 yearly to the Hon. Treasurer, Archie Mercer, 434/4 Newark Road, North Hykeham, Lincoln. 36pp).This is the first VECTOR to be edited by Jim Groves. Apart from the comprehensive official reports there are several items of interest. Brian Aldiss contributes a short item on the standard of sf, an item which could have been much better had it been much longer. Mike Moorcock discusses the work of Mervyn Peake. Ian MacIain has a story. Ken Slater brings us up-to-date news on the sf field. Joy Clarke reviews books and there are filler items and letters which fit in neatly. Editor Groves has a straight talking editorial which is as much a credit as is the whole issue. VECTOR is on the up-grade.

Thank you, Archie Mercer Department. BBC Announcer in “Down Your Way” programme of 15th May said,”Ccrtainly the most important building in Newtownards Road is Parliament.” Just right for a three line filler.

American TV Guide reports Ray Bradbury writing scripts for Shirley Temple! Shirley is M.C. for a fairy tale programne. “Something tells me that Grimm is in for a change,” says Steve Stiles. *** 28th May issue of TODAY magazine ran letter on fire fighting by T.Law, London S.E.14. Wonder how many fans remember Authentic these days, Joy. *** Two fliers included with this SKYRACK, a neat piece from Mal Ashworth and mi No.9 from Eric Bentcliffe, which includes his travelling plans to and from the States. Ticket booked and paid for. Apologies to Ernest Sterne, Peter Skeberdis and Peter Singleton who missed out on mi 8. Three copies short delivered. Completely out of my hands. *** Sandy Sanderson writes,”I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those fans who supported me in the recent TAFF campaign, my sponsors, Belle Dietz who gave so much energy to the cause, all those who voted for me and also those who didn’t vote for me but who supported the Fund. My grateful thanks to you all. I enjoyed the campaign very much and I feel that it was carried out most fairly by all the candidates and their supporters. I’m sure that in Eric we have a very worthy and interesting delegate and that American fans will thoroughly enjoy meeting him, also that Eric will enjoy his deserved trip to the States.” *** 9th July Alan Rispin put in a few more miles in his bid to become a hitch hiking giant by visiting Paul Andrews in Maidstone, Kent He also managed to look up George Locke and poor suffering Ella Parker.*** Jim Cawthorn has illustrated Sexton Blake novel THE WORLD SHAKERS, a sf slanted story involving flying saucers. Will appear August. *** MIKE MOORCOCK has moved -- l8 Beatrice Avenue, Norbury, London SW 16. *** Chris Miiller has gained Oxford place at Christ Church *** From August issue, BRE Astounding will be on sale 15th of month, still before cover date. *** Belle & Frank Dietz have moved to 1750 Walton Ave., Bronx 53, NY. Belle is now acting as “social editor” to SF Times, with occasional columns. *** Young fan Club for under 25s being formed by Jim Linwood, 10 Meadow Cotts, Netherfield, Notts. *** Can any fan interested in meeting Kiwi Bruce Burn off the boat at S’hampton 26th August contact yours truly, please? DNQ !!*** FAPA Editor Andy Young at present in London on a flying visit. No truth in rumour that he is over to study OMPA Constitution.