This is SKYRACK No 22, dated 12th August, 1960 and published by Ron Bennett of 7 Southway, Harrogate, Yorkshire, England, at 151 Canterbury Road, West Kilburn, London NW6. 6d per copy, 2/6d for 6 issues. Subscriptions in USA @ 35cents for 6 issues (six issues airmailed for 65cents) to Bob Pavlat, 6001-43rd Avenue, Hyattsville, Maryland, USA. Cartoon on left by your friend and mine, Arthur “Atom” Thomson. News of interest to sf fans welcomed with open arms. This issue circulated free to members of BSFA.

FAPA EDITOR BEARDS LONDON FANDOM America’ s favourite astronomer, Andy Young, hit London Thursday 21st July in time for a social gathering at which were Arthur Thomson, Jim Groves, Ted Forsyth, George Locke, Joy and Sandy Sanderson, Ken and Irene Potter, Ella Parker, Ivor Mayne and Ulla Boberg. A good time was had by all - within the limits of astrophysical accuracy. The following day saw Andy taken over to the Greenwich Observatory by Vince Clarke and on Tuesday Andy visited the Parker Penitentiary in Kilburn, having the misfortune to meet SKYRACK editor Ron Bennett. Ted Forsyth, Arthur Thomson and George Locke were also present. Ted and Arther left 5 am, Andy and George stayed overnight. Andy rushed off early foIlowing morning to pick up his bags and move on to Holland where he will be conferenceing until 24th. (EAP & RMB)

This issue of SKYRACK is being produced in London, as you’ll have gathered. Once again I’m down in the Smoke for a six week spell and Ella Parker has kindly agreed to put up with me. Fans are dropping in and out continuously. Archie Mercer stayed over last weekend. Ken Cheslin, who is in town, will be here this weekend. Tom Porter of Newcastle and Michael Evans of Monmouthshire have been other recent visitors. Once again I’m working as a typist for the agency which has employed me previously. This time they’ve farmed me out to a firm which looks like keeping me for the entire six weeks, Marplan Ltd, a market research oranisation which makes Vance Packard look like a barrow boy. Great fun, and work - they have micro-elite typewriters, and electric duplicators - which appeals to the fan in me.

BSFA MEMBERS, take note... Ella is now holding open house for all BSFA members every Friday evening. Come along and meet other members. If you’re in the BSFA you’re sure of a welcome.

Ella Parker reports that Ron Bennett is growing a beard Bennett denies this rumou, saying it’s merely a week since he shaved.

Ken Slater

The title of this curt column is, of course, wishful thinking. Actually, one doesn’t get books (s-f type) from anyone these days One has to get out and dig for ‘em. Read Les Flood’s review column in NEW WORLDS 97 - very restrained references to them ghu-darned publishers, Les, if l may say so. At one time I wrote round a bevy, bunch or grottle of publishers, all with material in the s-f field, asking for review material for NEBULA. The only one who responded with any regularity was Hodder and Stoughton, who at least sent me copies of Charles Eric Maine’s books. The sales manager of Faber and Faber used to send me advance copies of their titles, too, but I was never sure whether this was for review, or in the hopes that F(M)L might invest in about 5,000 copies.

Choice of the Lincolnshire Bird and Monster Watching Society for “Book-of-the-Year is “GORGO”, an epic by Carson Bingham published by Monarch Books, 141pp, based on the screenplay by John Loring and David Hyatt, which is based on an original story by Eugene Lourie. I wonder where this stops.  I visualise a screen play based on the book by Carson Bingham based on the screen play by.... (Incidentally, just to confuse you, the book advises ou that Carson Bingham ss a pseudonym for Bruce Cassiday). *** Kingsley Amis’ book on science-fiction, “NEW MAPS OF HELL,” may appear from a British publisher late this year *** Recently reprinted by Pergamon Press was “BEYCED THE PLANET EARTH,” a translation of Tsiolkovskys’s-f work At 5/- a worthwhile buy, but to be frank, I’ve not yet read this myself, although a few copies have come in end gone out. The recommendation comes from Brian Aldiss, who comments that it is “really pleasantly readable”. Seems the publishers must send s-f’ to the Oxford Mail for review, even If they don’t send it to NEW WORLDS *** Due in August is a new Dennis Wheatley “Black Magic” yarn, “The SATANIST” (18/-, Hutchinson), and in November a science-fiction story titled THE GREY ONES, by Lymington, will be published by Hodder and Stoughton, while John Wyndham’s “TROUBLE WITH LICHEN” is scheduled by M Joseph for September Methuen will publish”Ti-IE PAPERS OF ANDREW MELMOTH” by Hugh Sykes Davies in October, and although this is not listed as s-f, it certainly sounds like it - the papers are those left by a young scientist who has disappeared It seems that he has been experimenting with sewer rats and has finally decided that it is more important to explain to the rats the behaviour of humans, than vice versa, with which pleasant thought, I leave you.  KFS

DOCTOR ARTHUR R WEIR writes on humour in SF: “The last number of the FANTAST (MEDWAY) catalogue had Velikovski WORLDS IN COLLISION – “a very goof copy” - now was that a typo or wasn’t it? *** Bruce Pelz’ GLAMDRING No 1 had a bacover slogan “MORDOR IN 64” and GLAMDRING No 2 had “LOS ANGELES IN 64” So now we really know what Los Angeles is like, after all those film fakes”

BIG THINGS ARE IN LINE FOR NEW WORLDS 100th ISSUE, with several of the stories being specially written with a celebration slant. Cover will be by Brian Lewis, illustrating Bill Temple’s “Sitting Duck” The actual cover design will be a new one, and with the issue NEW WORLDS experiments in interior artwork (by Arthur Thomson). Continuation depends on reader reaction. Other goodies lined up are a Wyndham ‘Troon’ story, provisonally entitled “The Asteroids,” a short by Jimmy White (“Countercharm”), and stories by Brian Aldiss (“Old Hundredth” – ha!), Colin Kapp (Glass of Iargo), John Brunner (Perogative), John Kippax (”Unfinished Symphony”), and Ted Tubb (“Greater Than Infinity” again, ha! l’ve only seen that now) The issue, which will been sale 28th October, will feature for the only time in its long career a “Profile” of Editor Carnell. And just to round things off on the issue, John Rackham has an article on “The Science Fiction Epic”. Incidentally, NEW WORLDS 99, which features Sam Moskowitz in its Profile, will be the first issue distributed in North America by Nova itself

FOOP No 1 (Ivor Mayne, 236 Queens Road New Cross London SE14 28pp) Coming along to create almost as much surprise as the recent SIDEREAL is this first offering from Ivor. This initial effort had material solicited for it over a year ago and while it is pleasing to know that Ivor has at last made an entry into the fanzine world as an editor, it is also true to say that the age of some of the contributions shows through rather badly, particularly so in book reviews. On the whole, though, there is a well-balanced line up of material from Vince Clarke on Fanlandia, “Penelope Fandergaste,” Laurence Sandfield on jazz, John Berry on trans-Atlantic phone calls (do I add a note here, Terry, to say what happened to me that night?) and Ken Bulmer with a time-capsule piece on the London Circle. FOOP is worth getting as an historical item; Ivor is shortly analgamating FOOP with the Potters’ BRENNSCHLUSS.

Also taking us by storm is another newcomer, TRIAL (Dorothy Hartwell, 124 Stanley Road, Hornchurch, Essex), produced by a young lady who has been on the fringes of London fandom for something over a year and who possesses spirit  in more ways than one. Not only is this first effort produced on a Gernan spirit duplicator, but Dot has had the courage to do her own artwork. The actual material does not compare with that in FOOP, but is still of an interesting and most certainly an encouragement-worthy level. Contributors are Archie Mercer, Jim Linwood, Mike Decckinger, Peter Singleton, Alan Rispin and Bruce Kidd.

FRESH FACES AT FRESHFIELDS BUT RAIN STOPS PLAY at the Liverpool Group’s party weekend 30 July - 1 August. I had intended to put Ella on the train to Liver pool and to fly up ahead of her, but the service doesn’t run on Saturdays, so we went along together by train. We were met at Lime Street by Norman Shorrock and elder daughter, Janet, Keith Freeman, John Roles and TAFF delegate, Eric Bentcliffe. After a lengthy ferry ride across the Mersey, we arrived at the Shorrock household to find a barricade forbidding us entry and custodians Ina, Lynda and Roy Shorrock quite happy about the whole affair. Scattered around were cartoons from Arthur Thomson who was in the middle of a campaign aimed at Ella. A party developed (of course) when other fans, including Audrey Eversfield from Cheltenham, began to arrive. On the Sunday, the entire ensemble transferred the party to Freshfield, where fun was had in the station signal box (how did the Glasgow - King’s X express get diverted?) before the party moved to the beach in time to be caught in a deluge of hailstones. We dried out by playing cricket and rugby and by dosing ourselves with spirits. Keith Freeman won a competition by wading out the furthest into the Irish Sea (we haven’t seen him since) whilst Jim Linwood and Ron Bennett kept up their year’s unbeaten record at rugby. Back in Liverpool in the evening the party developed furiously with champagne flowing freely to the drun beats of jiving feet. A few fans went along to see the Merseysippi jazz band at a local club, only to find the boys at a nearby refreshment hostel and that Pete Daniels was absent having had a spike stuck through his foot earlier (hope you’re recovering ok, Pete, but how long have you been playing the trumpet with your toes?) Later fans moved over to the Jacaranda Club where John Roles sold Audrey for 4d to an Indian with whom he conversed for hours in exotic native tongues We were surprised to run across PLOY’s ex-art-editor Bill Harry here. After a taxi race back to Higher Bebington Norman Shorrock showed his acrobatic skill by swinging from the landing banisters. We finally got him put to bed, though, and he recovered in good time to lead the nap game the following day when Audrey returned to Cheltenham and I came back to London. Keith Freeman stayed on until the Tuesday and Ella, lucky devil, was hosted by the Shorrocks until the Wednesday, returning to London an abnormally nervous wreck. The Liverpool party to end all Liverpool parties.

Several fans, including Keith Freeman, Ted Forsyth and Jim Linwood have expressed interest in joining the party to travel down to Southampton on 26th August to meet Bruce Burn, from New Zealand, off the boat. Any more? *** Ken McIntyre was televised 10 August on BBC’s “Laugh Line” with a pyramid cartoon, "Cleo says she’s changed her mind - she’d like ‘em over there”. ***  Don Franson reports that Don Day’s "Index to the Science Fiction Magazines” will be out next spring and will include 1960. *** Archie Mercer is now British agent for the Los Angeles clubzine SHAGGY. Shaggy editor John Trimble married last month to fabulous Bjo. Hoog! *** Dick Eney will be standing for TAFF next time round. Nominations received from Archie Mercer and John Berry. *** Sandy Sanderson wrote to say that he and Joy will be sailing to New York on the Queen Mary (unless the strike lasts?) 25th August. Sandy and Joy were married at New Cross 25th June.  They hope to get to the Pittcon before settling down at their new address, 1750 Walton Avenue, Bronx 55, New York. Provisional arrangements for 236 Queens Road are that Ken and Irene Potter will be moving in there along with Ivor Mayne. Potter and Mayne fnz to combine. *** George Locke has taken the first step towards becoming that Field Marshal promised last issue.  He has been promoted to lance-corporal (acting, unpaid)! *** Letter in airmail from Bruce Burn in Singapore. He’s on his way! ***  Ken, Pamela and Deborah-Louise Bulmer arrived home 1 am Thursday 11th August after a six week holiday with Madeleine and Walt Willis in Belfast. They admit to the weather being wet and the fact that the trip home tired them. No wonder, with a long wait for the car to be unloaded from the ferry, and a day’s drive down to London. *** FANAC goofed! British rep for the Pittsburgh Convention (The Pittcon) is Ken Slater, 75 Norfolk Street, Wisbech, Cambs to whom 7/- should be sent for a worthwhile membership. *** Another commercial from Tony Walsh: ”Scene is the reference room in the central library of the Second Galactic Foundation. A student beckons with his fourth arm to a passing librarian; “I wish to know”, he says, “the meaning of BC, AD, and AL”. “Certainly sir The year of the birth of Christ was considered important enough to be taken as a reference year for historical dating.  BC means before Christ and AD (anno domini) means after Christ. The third, still in use today, is of course, After Lexicon”. *** Son Michael Evan Shaw born to Noreen, wife of ex-INFINITY editor Larry Shaw on 20th June *** Valerie Williams and Terry Jeeves married 26th June. Congratulations to all concerned, particularly to Terry. *** Andy Young noted advert on London tube for Magazine of FSF...”the magazine of the unusual”. *** Bob Bloch’s book, PSYCHO, now butchered into film version by Hitchcock is in London and has been widely panned. *** John Kippax had north country play, featuring Wilfred Pickles on TV Tuesday 2nd August. 16th August evening programmes include item on SF films. *** Address changes effective for some little time but previously unmentioned: Ted Forsyth, 11 Ferndale Road, London SW 4;  L/Cpl 25787l89 Locke G, 5 Coy, RAMC, Connaught Hospital, Bramshott, Hindhead, Surrey