This is SKYRACK no. 24, dated 4th October to commemorate the London Symposium. SKY is published by Ron Bennett, 7 Southway, Arthurs Avenue, Harrogate, Yorkshire, England. 6d per copy, 2/6d for 6 issues. USA subscriptions are 35cents for 6 issues (6 issues airmailed for 65cents), money to to sent to Bob Pavlat, 6001-43rd Avenue, Hyattsville, Maryland. Cartoon by Arthur Thomson.. News of interest to sf fans always welcomed.


Visiting fans to this Hagerstown of British fandom are rare and it was with some surprise and alacrity that Harrogate strung out the fairy lights for the 17th September visit of Eleanor and Paul Turner of Los Angeles. Baby daughter Susan was in tow. Paul is a thoroughly interesting talker and described the latest convention and reorganisation of fans in Germany. Much talk on Los Angeles fandom, Ron Ellik for TAFF and the Turners’ trip round Britain which will have to be written up somewhere. After all of which, the “Hoyle” version of Hearts was introduced to Harrogate mundane society.

Paul and Eleanor had travelled in their car to Ostend from Germany where Paul is at present stationed in the U.S.Army. After a poor crossing to Dover and an equally poor introduction to London, they got in touch with Ken and Pamela Bulmer and things began to swing. The Turners stayed three days with Ella Parker and then began to tour the country, looking up the Cheltenham fans, the Shorrocks in Liverpool, Ron and Daphne Buckmaster in Kirkcudbright, Don and. Dorothy Allen in Newcastle where Alan Burns was also visited and the Harrogate group of one. The Turners hoped to visit Archie Mercer before returning to London where they would again stay with Ella Parker before returning to Germany.

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Fringe embryofan Rick Dalton (70 North Lane, Leeds 8, Yorkshire) wrote asking for Archie Mercer’s address (434/4 Newark Road, North Hykeham, Lincoln) and Archie wrote to say that subs for SHAGGY are 1/8d per and 5 for 7/-. Archie is also agenting for Dick Eney’s FANCY II, to which volume the additions and corrections addenda will cost 2/.-. The complete combined volume will cost 10/-. No further copies of the original 8/6d volume. REJECTED CANONs still 2/- also.

Being personal editorial comment, an unusual step, probably backwards.

Now that I’m about to hand over the British side of the TAFF administration to Eric Bentcliffe, I feel free to nominate a TAFF candidate of my own. This I have already done. I’ve nominated. Ron Ellik because I believe his work in fandom proves him worthy of the honour of being chosen as TAFF delegate, because I believe that, should he win the ballot, he’ll make an excellent delegate and because he’s a thoroughly likeable person. Ron is far more modest than the engineered tone of mock superiority in FANAC would have one believe. He’s a good mixer and would prove a most popular attendee at any convention.

For those who see SKYRACK and FANAC constantly at one another’s throats, I hasten to say that this isn’t so. The editorial staff of both newszines, once personal pride is disregarded, admit SKYRACK to be far superior, he says. There’s a sort of unwritten understanding, and a most healthy one, that while we’ll each try to scoop the other, we’ll see that fandom itself doesn’t suffer and news is sent quickly from one zine to the other. For example, last year Ron sent me the results of the FANAC poll by air before they were actually published in the FANAC Anniversary issue.

Whilst I have prided myself in the fact that SKYRACK does not comment on news, but merely tries to present the facts per se, it would hardly be fair to Ron (the surname Ellik is pronounced Ee-lick) whose nomination I am so heartily supporting if I did not use the facilities of SKYRACK to shout his worth and glory at every available opportunity. Accordingly, with SKYRACK from now on, its a banner waving slogan of RON ELLIK, the fan’s fan, FOR TAFF.

It might be hair splitting and I’d like to have opinions on the matter, but I’m surprised at a move taken by the Seattle fans who are putting on the 1961 World Convention. In raising the convention fees from two to three dollars, the group have once again kindly reduced the initial convention registration fee to $1 for overseas fans who wish to join the convention without actually attending. However, should any overseas fans make the trip to the convention, which is extremely unlikely, they will have to pay the additional $2. This is not a lot of encouragement to make the trip. Whilst the additional two bucks is only fourteen shillings and a couple of coppers and is not going to break anyone, it puts the initial reduction on a charity basis with a nasty tang behind it. We’re not interested in your attending our convention, it implies, but we are out to hook you for your dollar for literature alone; if you can afford to travel to Seattle, then you can afford the extra two dollars. This attitude, implied if not intended, is a far cry from the initial $2 registration ($1 to overseas fans) with the additional $1 for each attendee, whether from home or abroad that might have been expected.

Ron Bennett.


TRANS-ATLANTIC FAN FUND....New campaign to bring US fan to 1962 British con. Nomination to Don Ford or Eric Bentcliffe. Closing date 30th November. Ron Ellik and Dick Eney already nominated. Dick Ellington not standing. Bentcliffe takes over administration from Bennett 1st November. $140 already on hand, a great start. *** Ford’s TAFF report on sale at $1.25. Madle’s TAFF report in preparation. Bentcliffe's report to be published by Norman Shorrock. More details next issue.

DREAM QUEST 2 (Peter Mansfield, 14 Whiteford Road, Slough, Bucks; Summer 1960; 28pp). This zine is of special interest to devotees of Burroughs but is likeable to the lay reader for its light touch. Peter presents his zine complete with dust cover because of a proposed title change. Best items are the editorial and “Who Will Take His Place?” by Frank Vernon Lay. With more attention paid to artwork, DREAM QUEST could become a British AMRA.

BSFA NEWSLETTER 3 (Jimmy Groves, 29 Lathom Road, East Ham, London E6. Free to members of BSFA). This third newsletter contains a little friendly chitchat from Jimmy and Ella Parker, a listing of items added to the BSFA Library and a listing of latest pbs to appear on the market. Riding along with the Newsletter is the first newsletter of the Young Science Fiction Readers Group, which hopes to encourage young fans. Interested youngsters should contact Jim Linwood, 10 Meadow Cotts, Netherfield, Notts.

N0RTHLIGHT 11 (Alan Burns, Goldspink House, Goldspink Lane, Newcastle-upon-Tyne 2; undated; 32pp). Much of this issue is given over to well received informal editorial ramblings on a diary basis. It might be surprising to find such a critic of the former Inchmery fandom adopting the diary format, but Northlight is no Ape. The issue also contains many interesting letter snippets on a variety of subjects, an article by Dick Schultz full of facts about the Detroit gang, a short piece on Gerfandom and a wonderfully analytical piece on Swedish fandom.

BUNYIP 1 (John Martin Baxter, 29 Gordon Road, Bowral, N.S.W., Australia: 1/- or 15cents; 33pp). The latest offering from Australia’s leading light on the zinescene is a replacement in title only for his popular QUANTUM. It’s a neat, light zine which reads well and makes for entertainment. Material by the editor (the piece on Blighty cartoons deserves a place in any “Best” anthology), Bruce “Whittington” Burn, Michael Baldwin, Mike Deckinger, Don Tuck and John N. Foyster. Loads of letters and a fanzine review column that describes Ella Parker as being “all sweetness and light.”


POSTCARD DEPT: Card from Terry & Valerie Jeeves, S.Remo, Italy, followed by much appreciated wedding cake on their return home. Many thanks.** Card from Neo-Beardnik Alan Rispin recently on hitch tour round Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, France and Austria. **Card from Jugoslavia where 5 Shorrocks, Stan Nuttal, Marjorie Denton, Norman Weedall, Audrey Eversfield and Keith Freeman have been on holiday. One stamp unfranked. Want it back for re-use? ** Card from Egypt picturing Rome where sender Sandra Hall suggests we hold next con. ** Two cards from Dick Schultz from Pittcon signed by over 100 different fans. Many thanks, Dick.

Publicity campaign. Sent as a flier, and naturally free (though money would be appreciated) is 2nd issue of Scotton Scribble. Editor Colin Freeman asks for letters of comment, subscriptions, and most certainly contributions. You out there, respond!

For the record, SKYRACK beat FANAC on Pittcon news, thanks to various spies and cables. FANAC, dated 4th Sept was mailed 7th, SKYRACK dated 6th was mailed 5th.

Brian Jordan to be reached at 86 Piccadilly Rd, Burnley, Lancs. His 81 Crawford Rd, Sheffield address now completely invalid.

NEWS FROM LONDON: Ella Parker pleasantly surprised when Joe Patrizio rolled in. Everyone except Ella knew he was due and Ella says she wouldn’t be surprised had I had the news on stencil before Joe actually reached London. Well, er..... Joe has now begun work in London and is sharing the flat with Ted Forsyth at 11 Ferndale Rd., SW 4. * Mal & Sheila Ashworth spent a few days in London with the Potters. * Bruce Burn has a job with the Graydon Bureau which also employs Ella and survived employing Ron Bennett. * Sat 10th Sept saw a BSFA Committee meeting with Jim. Groves and Ella present and Archie Mercer and Peter Mabey getting into town. Meeting turned into a party with the arrival of the Potters, the Ashworths, Bruce Burn, Don Geldart, Ted and Joe and John Phillifent. * Ian McAulay surprised everyone by showing up at Ella’s one evening when by rights he should have been in Belfast. Until Xmas his address is c/o Walt Willis. * Ella has been ill with ear trouble. Now happily recovered. * Ella, Jimmy, Potters, Don and Brian Burgess went along to first Flying Saucer Convention ever held in Britain (Russell Hotel - ha!) - 24/25th September. Jimmy Groves sends along a programme, various pieces of duplicated literature and a draft editorial for VECTOR on the gathering, which he describes as a “nut cult.” I’ll leave it to VECTOR and ORION to cover the event more fully. (EAP; JG)

ARCHIE MERCER read last issue’s account of Bruce Burn meeting and sends a cartoon idea, “You are Mr. Bruce Burn and I claim the SKYRACK prize.” *** George Locke at present on holiday in Belfast. *** John McGovern due to be posted from Weston-super-Mare. Address reverts to c/o Jones,51 Oxgangs Ave., Colinton, Edinburgh 13. John mentions rising radiation level and says he killed a 3” long spider on the camp last week. Genetic mutation marches on, he says. *** Ivor Mayne now living in Sweden. Bergviksvagen 45, Bromma, Sverige. *** Apologies to Arthur Thomson whose name was mistakenly left out of TAFF voting list a couple of issues back. *** Brian Aldiss now at Priory House, 12 Paradise Sq., Oxford. Mentions new collection,”Best of Gerald Kersh” (Heinemann 16/-) and the “Author’s & Writers Who’s Who” which lists Aldiss, Clarke, Maine and Asimov and the BSFA.