This is SKYRACK 32, dated 1st May 1961 and published by Ron Bennett, 7 Southway, Arthurs Avenue, Harrogate, Yorkshire, England. 6d. per copy, 2/6d for six issues. 35cents for 6 issues in USA. (65cents for 6 issues sent airmail) where subscriptions should be sent to Bob Pavlat, 6001-43rd.Avenue, Hyattsville, Maryland. News of interest to SF fans always most welcome.Heading and cartoon by Atom, photo by Bennett.


Last summer Ella Parker, leading light of London fandom, editor of ORION and at that time Secretary of the BSFA and Chairman of the SFCoL, surprised her many visitors by coming up with a workable scheme for attending the 1962 World Convention to be held in Seattle this coming September. This scheme was: “save like mad.” Ella has saved and saved and insisted from the start that the scheme should be kept secret, so that she would not be dependent on fannish charity and so that she could take the CRY Gang, in particular Wally Weber, by surprise. Ella will be flying to the West Coast and the news is no longer DNQ as an announcement was made at the LXIcon. Anyone willing/wishing to contribute to the. Parker Pond Fund should contact Don Ford, Betty Kujawa (addresses inside) or Ted Forsyth, 11 Ferndale Road, London SW 4. Ella looks forward to meeting in person the many Stateside friends she has made through fandom and we in British fandom envy them their chance to seattle back and enjoy Ella’s company on such an enterprising trip.

Incidentally, SKYRACK scooped itself with this item, for a special one copy 29th February issue sent only to Ella ran the above news while it was still DNP.

TERRY CARR FINISHES WITH FANAC. Non-appearance of America’s leading newszine has led to some speculation. Berkeley spy SPQR reports that Terry has, after three years publishing, turned FANAC over to Walter Breen. Terry is still working on the FANNISH. Breen’s first issue should be out by now, said to be 12 pages or more.

ORION 27 (Ella Parker, 151 Canterbury Rd., West Kilburn, London NW6;74pp; 1/6d; US subs to Betty Kujawa, 2819 Caroline, South Bend 14, Indiana).The latest offering from this year’s Stateside visitor kicks off with the usual excellent Atom job, depicting millions of fans of all.Atom also did the headings for the articles and there is enclosed a sample of the work he has done for the forthcoming “Atom Anthology.” Outánding in this up-to-standard issue of Britain’s leading fanzine (ORION topped the recent SKYRACK poll) is the second instalment of the perceptive “European Pumble”, Andy Young’s lengthy account of his trip to Europe last summer. Regular items like Ken Bulmer’s excellent “Taff Tales” and John Berry’s latest “Sergeant” story are also present as are items br Jim Norrie, Len Moffatt, George Locke, Don Ford. and Rory Faulkner. There are twenty pages of readers’ letters and close behind Andy Young’s contribution comes the “Specs” editorial which deals with the two recent conventions attended by Ella and the penitentiary inmates. Printed on slick Gestetner paper, this zine is naturally once again unhesitatingly recommended.

There’s the tradition that British fanzines are all of a uniform high quality and this month’s offerings certainly seem to bear this out. For example the next zine is

HYPHEN 27 (Walt Willis & Ian McAulay, 170 Upper N’Ards Rd., Belfast 4, N.I; March 1961; 26pp; 1/-  or 15cents; 7 for $1) Right up to the standard of not only British fanzines but of Hyphen is this latest....well how does one describe HYPHEN, pray? Here are the usual line up of contributors, headed by Bob Shaw with "Bowmen in the Gloamin’.” John Berry brings Irish Fandom up to date and it’s especially pleasing to see young Jeff Wanshel present amongst Atom cartoons, articles by Ian McAulay and Ron Ellik, readers’ letters, a couple of book reviews by Walt in his “Nebula” mood and a half page of bacovor quotes like “Whenever I hear a knock at my door I always think I’m the last man on Earth.”

ESPRIT 4 (April 1961; Daphne Buckmaster, 8 Buchanan St., Kirkcudbright, Scotland; 34pp; 1/6;US subs @ 20cents to Don Fitch, 3908 Frijo, Covina, California). In contrast to HYPHEN in content but not quality is this British readers’ forum, discussion zine. John Rackham writes on drugs, Art Rapp conjures up a sense of wonder on Indian relics, Julian Parr brings status seeking up to date, Ray Nelson talks to himself, Nan Gerding does not like IBM testing and dear old Max Cranium is here again. Readers knock down the targets sighted last issue. The letter from Don Smith on supermen is especially notable.

VECTOR 11 (Official Organ of the BSFA, edited by James A. Groves, 29 Lathom Road, East Ham, London E.6; 43pp). Once again apart from official business and reporting, Vector sets out to be entertaining. Brian Aldiss Simakises, Harry Gilbert writes a story, Doc Weir is present with a piece on Three Dimensional Chess and. books and stories are competently reviewed. The fanzine reprint section is a worthy Birchby item and readers’ letters make up another good issue with a notable letter coming from John Phillifent on loan from ESPRIT.

HAVERINGS 5...thoughtful fanzine reviews from Ethel Lindsay, Courage House, 6 Langley Avenue, Surbiton, Surrey..

JETSTREAM (Bob Parkinson, 52 Mead Rd., Cheltenham, Glos; 10 pp 6d). Odd bits and pieces by Bob, Jhim Linwood and John Dyke.

THE SCIENCE FICTION CLUB OF LONDON CLUB COMBOZINE 1961: Available from Ella Parker (see ORION for address - if you really need it) @ 1/6d, this second annual convention-appearing lengthiest title in British fandom is with us again and is well worth waiting for. If I said that this year’s edition was not quite up to the standard of last year’s I may possibly be understood - or misunderstood - as meaning that the drop in quality is other than relative. This zine is a good one and worthy of adding to anyone’s permanent collection. As most of the SFCoL’s regular in-town members are present this Combozine would have to be a qualitative affair. Judge for yourself with material by Ethel Lindsay, Ken & Irene Potter, Jimmy Groves, Don Geldart, Chris Miller, Joe Patrizio, George Locke, Bruce Burn, Arthur “Atom” Thomson and none other than Paul Enever.

EMANATION 1 (John M. Foyster, 4 Edward St., Chadstone SE 10, Victoria, Australia. February 1961; 76pp;3/- Australian) From the stronghold of Australian rules football comes a new zine of a sercon type, which, despite its bulk, is not my cup of tea, though it may be yours. Wynne N. Whiteford writes on SF, Donald Tuck considers the foundation of a S.F. library, Nigel Jackson writes a story,John Baxter reviews books, the editor contributes an index to SF Plus., Nigel Jackson reviews “The 7th Day” and there are a few other shorts around. The zine lacks personality and suffers from poor lay-out, which is a pity, for the promise is obviously present.

The 2nd newsletter of the Young SF Readers Group formed by Jim Linwood, 10 Meadow Cotts, Netherfield, Notts., is in and young fans wishing to be added to the growing membership should contact Jim. As there is no information given as to the aims of the group it may be taken that the YSFRG is a pretty informal one.

BUNYIP 4 (John Martin Baxter, PO Box 39, King Street P.O., Sydney, NSW, Australia;) This is another Aussifanzine in this month and one which, having more issues behind it, shows more balance, personality and straight readability than EMANATION. John Foyster and Don Tuck are again present and there is also material from Alan Dodd in Spain and Bob Smith in fanzinesville. Letters make up another pleasant issue.

Lots of fanzines mentioned this issue. One of the jobs, I feel, of the fan newsletter is to let fans know what is available, bread and butter items which balance any startling scoops which may crop up from time to time. Therefore, please excuse the following notes of “running” items which have been listed before and which are still available:

EPITAFF (7/- or $1 from Eric Bentcliffe, 47 Alldis St., Great Moor, Stockport, Cheshire) One-shot publication of Eric’s 1960 TAFF trip report, handled in an excellent fashion, liberally illustrated by Eddie Jones.

COLONIAL EXCURSION (7/- or $1 from Ron Bennett or Bob Pavlat). My own 1958 SolaCon TAFF trip report, illustrated by photographs and Atomillos.

THE DIRECTORY OF 1960 SF FANDOM. Addresses of over 500 fans, a 6th annual listing. 1/6d or 25 cents from Ron Bennett or Bob Pavlat.

TAFF: Voting continues in the campaign to bring over a U.S. representative to next year’s convention. SKYRACK supports Ron Ellik who has been nominated in a straight fight against Dick Eney. Votes and contributions to Eric Bentcliffe (address above) or Don Ford (Box 19-T, RR2, Wards Corner Road, Loveland, Ohio, USA). Make certain of casting vote by voting now!

THE KILBURN MICROCON was held at the Parker Pen the weekend following the LXIcon, 7th/8th April, and is covered fully in ORION 27. A party was due to be held and Brian Jordan (with Ron Bennett then resident at 151) suggested holding our own minicon. Brian produced a stencil and had soon run off a programme booklet, made a pile of lapel badges, stuck up signs and spread out a fanzine stall. Attendees were Ella Parker, Brian Jordan, Ron Bennett, Ted Forsyth, Joe Patrizio, Don Geldart, Ken, Irene and Karen Potter, Ethel Lindsay, Jim Groves, Atom, Jim Linwood, Diane Goulding, Alan Rispin, Bruce Burn, Ian Peters and Brian Burgess. Con lasted through two days of merriment and the programme included a discussion on the LXIcon and a repeat performance of the SFCoL playlet. It is hoped that Kilburn Microcons become a firm part of fannish tradition. (The cards Atom had brought along ran such mottos as “I read ORION, my friends read ORION - we all read ORION in here”, “Why do I like ORION? You might well ask”, “Orion does things to me - no, I’ve always been bald”, “Ella took ORION and made it what it is today”, ‘I was an ORION subber - a story to enliven the mind”, “I tried other fanzines, but ORION showed me where I was wrong.”)

PETER SINGLETON, get well schnell. Peter is now in Ward l9, Burnley General Hospital, Burnley, Lancs....Bruce Burn has moved to 46 Warrington Cres., London W.9. Next to Warwick Avenue station....Archie Mercer still interested in Tentcon....Rumoured that HABAKKUK headed recent FANAC fanzine poll....Willis 10th Anniversary Fund (Willis to States next year) in full swing following invitation acceptance by Walt. Full details next issue....Bruce Burn holding party 6th May....SFCoL soon putting out Club genzine...Third Programme 19th April - Prof.W.T.Williams of S’ot’on University broke off natural history talk to mention SF, quoting Tolkien Asimov and Sheckley....BSFA Newsletter 7 (April 61) covers LXIcon and Hugo nominations....Terry Jeeves’ son, Keith, age l2- would like overseas pen-pal - how about it, you fen with offspring around the same age?....Bob Parkinson corrects SKY 31’s note about the tape play TYPO which was made by the Cheltenharn SFC....Gerfan editor of SPACE TIMES, 21 yr old Jurgen Molthol killed in car accident 13th March. Great loss to German fandom ....Brian Jordan reports formation of a fan group in Sheffield University - the Sheffield University Union Science Fiction & Fantasy Association....Beautiful postcard in from Boyd Raeburn in Grand Cayman....Ron Bennett was in London 22nd April to attend Wembley Amateur Cup Final - with 840 children and 90 other Harrogate teachers!




TENTH ANNIVERSARY WILLIS FUND. Page four note of SKYRACK 32 mentioned that more details of the Fund would be given next issue. However, so many bits and pieces have cropped up since the main newsletter stencils were cut that I’m adding this section and can naturally mention this Fund. As many fans will know the leading fan of the time, Walt Willis, was invited to the 1952 ChiCon and a fund set up to take him to the States. The Fund was successful and was virtually the forerunner of TAFF. An Executive Committee has taken it upon itself to raise enough money to ensure that not only Walt, but his long suffering wife, Madeleine., can travel over to the 1962 WorldCon, which certainly looks as though it will be a tenth anniversary affair in Chicago. In reminding fandom that they owe the pleasure of THE ENCHANTED DUPLICATOR, WILLIS DISCOVERS AMERICA, HYPHEN and the superlative THE HARP STATESIDE to Walt, Committee Treasurer, Larry Shaw, 16 Grant Place, Staten Island 6, N.Y., notes that around $1000 will be needed if the Fund is to be really successful. Obviously this is the time for fandom to show its appreciation of Walt, the man no fandom can be without. British contributions to the Fund. should be sent to Arthur Thomson, 17 Brockham House, Brockham Drive, London S.W.2.

LIVERPOOL MINICON TIKI. Jeff Collins, sturdy octopus hunting member of the Liverpool Group, hopes to be sailing the Atlantic next spring. And I do mean sailing. Jeff has sold his car, packed up, left his job and has been taken on as engineer on a three man sailing venture. With Jeff are two friends, Andrew Herdman and Bill Nolan. Herdman is owner and captain of the 20-ton sloop Frolif which is now with the three adventurers in the Isle of Man at the beginning of a sea journey which will take them to Ibiza and Casablanca. After wintering in the Mediterranean, the three sailors hope to ride the spring Trade Winds across the Atlantic to the Caribbean. Frolic has an auxiliary 25h.p. engine in addition to 1200 square foot of canvas and Jeff, who is pictured. in the 24th April edition of “The Liverpool Echo,” is quoted as saying, “And now off to have a good time for as long as possible. It’s the dream of a lifetime.” I’m sure that all fans will wish Jeff and his fellow adventurers well.

CACTUS 6 (Sture Sedolin, Valingby 4, Sweden; 10 for 7/- to Alan Dodd, 77 Stanstead Rd., Hoddosdon, Hcrts; 19pp). Cactus is somewhat overdue because of editor Sture’s service in the army, but Sture laughs this down by quoting that the zine is “yearly” and we must laugh with him, for this is Sweden’s leading contribution to the zinescene. John Berry writes on two American fans he has met and shrewdly starts off what promises to be another good Berry series with a typewriter portrait of Dick Eney. Rainer Eisfeld writes from a sercon viewpoint, Ray Nelson contributes cartoons, Sture overrates SKYRACK and Alan Dodd continues his “Bennett is a louse” campaign in the letter column, thus balancing Sture’s review with a soupcon of good sense.

PARTICIPATE IN HARROGATE. A further step has been made towards holding the 1962 BSFA Convention in Harrogate, Garden Spa of Britain’s leading county. The Hotel St. George has been booked for the weekend 20th/23rd April - and that’s Easter 1962. All sorts of details on bookings and prices still have to be finalised, so hold off sending cash just yet. Announcements will be made so often in SKYRACK that you’ll be heartily sick of the whole idea before we’ve finished!

SEACON ART SHOW. Bjo Trimble, 2790 W.8th St, Los Angeles 5, California, USA, is hoping to put on another convention art show which will beat even that held at last year’s Pittcon. Bjo and I see no reason why British artists should not contribute, so how about it, Eddie, Arthur and Jim? Bjo will be only too pleased to let you have details of format etc and to send you the artshow’s own fanzine, PAS-tell.

GEORGE LOCKE (24 Field Ambulance, BFPO 10), now in Nairobi, mentions that his copy of COLONIAL EXCURSION, sent printed rate arrived two days after posting.  Says he is thinking of buying a 1947 MG sports car, “in excellent running order, save for wheels, steering and lack of speedometer, horn, brakes and hood.” Is thinking of putting out a limited circulation fanzine, “The Prose of Kilimanjaro” and. mentions the rainy season which started on March 15th “the high tides of March.” Just like home from home.

RON ELLIK, who is being supported for TAFF amongst the elite of fandom, mentions that King Arthur had a lance called Ron and says that he is these days publicity director of N3F, his first job being to sproad word of the Writer’s Contest. Submissions and requests for information should be sent to Edward Ludwig, 455 N.Tuxedo Ave,, Stockton 4, Calif. Closing date 30 June 1961. First prizes of $10 will be awarded to stories in each of 3 categories, sf, fantasy and weird. Other prizes for runners up. Special prize for stories less than 1,500 words. Judges will be Marion Bradley, Clayton Hamlin, Ed Ludwig and Ralph Holland.

MARK JEFFERSON TURNER, 9lbs, born to Eleanor and Paul Turner who toured British fandom last year. 11.44pm, Saturday. 1st April. Month overdue, reports Ron Ellik.

LXIcon photos 8d each sent on approval—rmb.