This is SKYRACK 34, dated 17th July, 1961 and published by Ron Bennett at old, lovable 7 Southway, Arthurs Avenue, Harrogate, Yorkshire England 6d per copy, 2/6d fo six issues 35 cents for 6 issues in USA (6 issues sent airmail for 65cents) where subscriptions should be sent to Bob Pavlat, 6001 43rd Avenue, Hyattsville, Md News to interest sf fans always welcomed. Cartoon for the end of term by Arthur Thomson




With a flourish of isn’t this just like Futurian War Digest, Skyrack covers the Kuwait situation. The first indication that fandom was in any way involved in the Persian Gulf crisis was the national press announcement that British troops in Kenya were being moved into Kuwait. Later another note reported that the 24th Field Regiment was one of the concerned units. Bruce Burn writes that Don Geldart has been moved into Cyprus on standby duty, but that George Locke is probably not involved as he, Bruce, recently had lunch with the Locke family and they understood that George was still in Kenya.

However, it is definitely known that George has been transferred to Kuwait with the 24th, but the duration of his stay is not expected to be a lengthy one. George writes, “It’s hot here – really hot. There’s desert,  and more desert and a few dessicated shrubs and more desert for dessert to follow.” George flew out on 6th July and looks forward to returning to gliding in Kenya. He has now obtained his ‘C’ certificate for flying solo.

Note that while George is in Kuwait his address will be Sgt G. W. Locke, 24 Field Ambulance, B.F.P.O. 616. No address to hand for Don Geldart.  

THIS MONTH’S BIG DRIVE must be for the Parker Pond Fund for Ella leaves for the Seacon next month. London fandom will surely go to pieces or alternatively reach new heights while she is away. Contribute to keep her away as long as possible so that we can see really worthwhile results in this matter. Cash to Ted Forsyth, 11 Ferndale Rd, London SW 4. Ted is also the man to send cash to for the superlative collection of Arthur Thomson illustrations, THE ATOM ANTHOLOGY, selling at $1 or 7/-.  

AXE (Larry & Noreen Shaw, 16 Grant Place, Staten Island 6, NY or Arthur Thomson, 17 Brockham House, Brockham Drive, London SW 2) notes that the Willis 10th Anniversary Fund has reached the half way stage to the $1000 target.

TAFF appears to have taken a temporary back seat, with the Fund to bring over an American delegate (Ron Ellik or Dick Eney) to next year’s British convention. Under 100 votes have so far been returned, so get cracking. Cash and votes to Don Ford, Box 19T, RR2, Wards Corner Rd, Loveland, Ohio, or EricBentcliffe, 47 Alidis Street, Great Moor, Stockport, Cheshire. Eric, who has been holidaying in Italy, reports steady sales of his TAFF trip report, EPITAFF, which is well worth buying at $1 or 7/-.  

THE DIRECTORY OF SF FANDOM Addresses of over 500 fans, a 6th annual listing 1/6d or 25 cents from Bennett or Pavlat Only a few copies left  

COLONIAL EXCURSION (7/- or $1 from Ron Bennett or Bob Pavlat) Bennett’s 1958 SolaCon TAFF report, illustrated by photographs and Atomillos.  

WHAT MAKES YOU THINK SKYRACK DOESN’T GET LETTERS DEPARTMENT Norman Shorrock sent greetings in the form of twentyone 1841 penny reds - the letters in the lower corners spell out the message (This was actually sent quite a while back - the code has only just been deciphered!)... Bob Pavlat says that the recent MidWestCon was “its usual fine self” and Dave Kyle writes that the Don Ford Slide Show was shown there, while from the North Plaza Motel comes a postcard showing the famous palette (AXE says “kidney”) shaped pool and a sheet of headed notepaper bearing the signatures of all the attendees including Bob Madle, the Coulsons, Les Gerber, Bob Pavlat, Hal Lynch, Bob Tucker, Sandy Cutrell, Shel Deretchin, Earl Kemp, Hal “The last of the Big Time Spenders” Shapiro, Don Ford, Lynn Hickman, Dave and Ruth “The matzoball kid” Kyle, the Lupoffs, Fred Prophet and Jim Broderick, Dick Eney and Ron Ellik, the Youngs, the Whites, Howard Devore and Dick Schultz, who kindly sent the two ....Bob Tucker also sent a cliping from some newspaper which depicted the kindly old sunbaked Highway 66 as a “Highway of Terror,” with a listing of murders and rapes that have taken place on the road. One crime detailed took place near Holbrook, Arizona, the place where poor little fans have guns stuck in their stomachs, and Tuck asks, “Did YOU get back home safely?” .... Letter in from Hackney Public Libraries - or at least sporting their headed paper - asking for COLONIAL EXCURSION .... Card from Arthur Thomson in Bournemouth who says that he can fix me up with a specially transported con hotel on build it yourself lines. Card shows Stonehenge .... Ted Forsyth & Joe Patrizio have been playing tennis on holiday in Edinburgh Now back in London for a rest. .... Neat Pc from Bruce Burn saying that BB pc I’d had from the Continent was naturally from him. Card posted in Germany, though Bruce is in England! .... Card from Burkhard Blum touring East Germany ... Thanks, all.  

VECTOR 12 (June 1961, edited by James Groves, 29 Lathom Rd, East Ham, London E6 for the BSFA; 30pp) At the LXIcon’s Business Meeting the point was raised that the BSFA’s Official Organ, Vector, does not possess any prestige value, that it looks like an amateur publication, with the widest and lowest possible implications, and that frankly its very appearance is a little “offputting” to use a phrase very much in common use today. This latest issue shows that such criticisms are unfounded... and very much so unfounded. The duplicating is wellnigh perfect and the layout possesses a neat and clean appearance. And the content matter once again succeeds in fulfilling all requirements. Secretary Joe Patrizio criticises criticisms by John Phillifent. There are minutes of the BSFA’s AGM, a useful record. Ken Slater keeps us up to date with current books and magazines. John Phillifent discusses some points on writing SF, possibly in the hope of stirring another controversy. Reviews and letters cover many meaty points, as does the editorial. And there is a fanzine reprint of a Bob Tucker classic which first saw print in Britain in the longsleeping PLOY.  

NORTHLIGHT 12 (Undated; Alan Burns, Goldspink House, Goldspink Lane, Newcastle-upon-Tyne 2; 14pp) One of the smaller, less pretentious British zines makes a welcome reappearance. Alan and Dick Schultz contribute the written material, mainly on witches and Michigan fandom (yes, there is a difference) and Ken McIntyre is responsible for the artwork.  

HAVERINGS 6 (Ethel Lindsay, Courage House, 6 Langley Avenue, Surbiton, Surrey; 12pp; 6d) This latest listing of recent fanzines brings Haverings up to the review standard of Ethel’s once regular column in Retribution. Some very neat points brought out.  

Worth noting from abroad, are:

SPECULATIVE REVIEW May 1961 from Dick Eney, 417 Ft Hunt Rd, Alexandria, Va,USA. 3 for 2/- from Archie Mercer, 434/4 Newark Rd, North Hykeham, Lincoln Very mature reviews of latest in sf. This issue contains analysis by Bill Evans of 35 years of Amazing Stories.  

AXE Nos 5 & 6, the Willis Fund thermometer and newszine, available for donations to the Fund and produced by Larry & Noreen Shaw. Now well-established in 2nd place in fandom’s newszine field.  

FANAC 72 & 73, the first issues of the new Breen administration finally reached the home islands. The news mostly out of date, but valuable for change of address listings.  

CRY 151 from the Nameless Ones, Box 92, 507 3rd Ave, Seattle 4, Washington, USA or 1/9 per copy, 14/- for 12 issues from John Berry, 31 Campbell Park Ave, Belmont, Belfast 4. All the usual features from fandom's current focal point.

SHANGRI L’AFFAIRES 56 edited by Bjo and John Trimble, 2790 W 8th St, LA 5 and available at the rate of 5 for 7/- from Archie Mercer. Still one of fandom’s top zines, covering primarily LA doings.

GAUL 3, adress as for Shaggy above. Edited by Larry McCombs, Lyn Hardy and Steve Tolliver. 50 pp of a well laid out zine that is going places  

XERO 5, Pat & Dick Lupoff, 215 E 73rd St, New York 21. 56 pages New top ten genzine that can’t fail. Very reminiscent of Innuendo.

ESOTERIQUE 5, Bruce Henstell, 8l5 Tigertail Rd, LA 49 Mainly notable for scripting of recent SF broadcast which featured Bloch, Beaumont and Clifton.  

ELLA PARKER notes that the SFCoL has another camera-bug, Al Hoch, a fan from Philadelphia, over here for a year. ... Bruce Burn will be going on the continent - but next month. Bruce was up in Liverpool this weekend, I understand, viewing the British Grand Prix at Aintree. ... Hugo Nomination final listing is out, with voting going only to Seacon members this year. Fanzines listed are all US publications, Discord, Fanac, Who Killed Science Fiction, Habakkuk, Shaggy and Yandro. Deadline for voting is lst August. ... Thomas Schlueck reports that he is making up a party to travel to next year’s Eastercon. ... Ken Cheslin reports that the Stourbridge Circle has not split up but is undergoing a period of change. Ken notes that he was down in Cheltenham last month for a party at which Chris Miller was also present. ... Brian Aldiss has finished the last Hothouse story for F&SF, he says. Brian sends a clipping covering a recent Oxford exhibition by his ‘Canopy of Time’ artist, Oscar Mellor. ... Lively discussion and offbeat zine, VAHANA, in from Les Nirenberg. May be had from Joe Patrizio, 11 Ferndale Rd, London SW 2 at 5 for 7/- or 1/9d per. Contains one of year’s highlights in cartoons/captioned photographs. ... Take your cotton picking hands off my helzel. ... Dave & Ruth Kyle are back home, as it may have been gathered, after their continental trip. Dave sent a card on arrival home,”Howdy podner. Been home a week and we’re still unpacking. We rented a power-cruiser for a week and accompanied Bert Campbell and family in his 27’ cruiser on an extended pillage of the Kentish countryside. Pictured here is our modest craft”. Needless to say, card showed a wonder ship, in thlis case the Bremen, following a signpost to Tunbridge Wells and flying a BSFA flag! Dave also reported that 1962 WorldCon Chairman elect, Earl Kemp, has hopes of getting Kingsley Amis on the programme. Sounds good. ... The SFCoL is still awaiting the convention article commissioned via TAFF from Mr Amis at the LXIcon. ... No further news on the 62 British consite, and SKYRACK winds up with a slogan from Brian Aldiss, who evidently has “a thing” about them ...“You’re never alone with a Skyrack”.