SKYRACK 38; Ron Bennett, 13 West Cliffe Gr, Harrogate, Yorkshire, England. 6d per copy, 2/6d for 6 issues. USA 35cents for 6 issues , 53cents 6 issues airmail. US Agent; Bob Pavlat, 6001-43rd. Ave., Hyattsville, Md.. Cartoon by Atom.


SKYRACK’s choice, California’s hitch-hiking and publishing Giant, Ron Ellik (pronounced Ee-lick) has been voted America’s TAFF delegate to travel across the Atlantic and attend the 1962 British Eastercon. Final figures are not yet to hand but a next to the last minute count shows Ron with an overwhelming lead over his rival Dick Eney who once again suffers an undeserved defeat. This was undoubtedly a campaign in which most voters had wished that both the worthy candidates could travel.

Ron, an ex-Marine, is the super Squirrel of the many Bjo and Rotsler cartoons. Around six feet tall, fair and bespectacled, Ron wears a husky studious air about him which belies his sense of humour. He is an admirable choice for a TAFF delegate with a mild manner and easy-going disposition. Eric Bentcliffe and I both took to Ron as soon as we met him and we feel certain that everyone he meets in British fandom will feel the same way.

He is probably best known over here as joint publisher of FANAC, the Hugo winning fan newspaper which astonished everyone by appearing fortnightly over a lengthy period. He’s also been responsible for a large number of entertaining words in many fanzines, Shaggy’s SQUIRREL CAGE being especially notable. Eric Bentcliffe writes that he’ll be pleased to pass on to Ron any invitations to visit your Oak tree! Congratulations Ron Ellik! - Eric Bentcliffe & Ron Bennett.


Final Figures on the British side, pending adjustment on a check, are:
ELLIK 33   ENEY 25


On the British side, Eney took an early lead. but on 1st May it was level pegging and gradually Ellik took the lead. There is £53-11s-0d in the British treasury. No final figures in from Don Ford as yet, but Ellik never lost the lead in the States where the latet figure known shows Ellik leading 87 - 37. Threfore, Ellik has a known l45 - 62 lead.

The following fans.lodged votes with Eric Bentcliffe; Jill Adams Mervyn Barrett, Ron Bennett, Brian Burgess, Bruce Burn, John Campbell, John Challoner, George Charters, Ken Cheslin, Jeff Collins, Audrey Eversfield, Ted Forsyth, Don Geldart, Rolf Gindorf, Bill & Bobbie Gray, Jim Groves, Bill Harrison, Art Hayes, Eric and Margaret Jones, Eddie Jones, Brian Jordan, Ruth Kyle, Doug Lacey, Ethel Lindsay, Jim Linwood, George Locke, Ian McAulay, Ken McIntyre, Peter Mabey, Archie Mercer, Chris Miller, Pat & Frank Milnes, Joe Nevin, John Newman, Stan & Marjorie Nuttall, Ella Parker, Joe Patrizio, Ken Potter, Bob Richardson, Alan Rispin, John Roles, Dick Schultz, Bob & Sadie Shaw, Norman & Ina Shorrock, Bob Smith, Arthur Thomson, Tony Walsh, Norman Wanbrough, Norman Weedall, Jimmy White and Madeleine and Walt Willis.

Cash came into Eric as follows: LXICon TAFF Auction £18, Auction Bloch £7-5-6d, Mesquite Kid Collection £3-13-6d, Jimmy Groves £3-10s, Ella Parker £1-15s, Peter Mabey £1-9-6d, Ted Forsyth £1, Michael Rosenblum £1, Chris Miller 16/-, Ken Cheslin 15/-, Archie Mercer 14/6d, Art Hayes 14/-, Don Geldart 12/6d, Rispin Hat Auctin 12/-. Cecil Knocker Auction, Ethel Lindsay Bob Richardson, Bob Smith 10/- each.

Norman Shorrock 9/7d, Walt Willis 7/6d, LeRoy Haugrud 7/-, Dick Schultz 7/-, Joe Patrizio 5/6d, Eddie Jones 5/5d.

Jill Adams, Mervyn Barrett, Bruce Burn, Jeff Collins, Bill Harrison, Brian Jordan, Doug Lacey, Ian McAulay, Ken Potter, Ina Shorrock, Tony Walsh 5/- each.

Rolf Gindorf, Bobbie Gray, Eric Jones 4/6d each. Gorge Locke and Yandro 4/- each. Keith Freeman and Bill Gray 3/- each.

Ron Bennett, Brian Burgess, John Campbell, John Challoner, George Charters, Audrey Eversfield, Margaret Jones, Ruth Kyle, Jim Linwood, Ken McIntyre, Frank & Pat Milnes, Joe Nevin, John Newman, Marjorie & Stan Nuttall, Alan Rispin, John Roles, Bob & Sadie Shaw, Art Thomson, Norman Wansborouh, Norman Weedall, Jimmy White and Madeleine Willis 2/6d each.

Quantum 2/-, Gemzine 1/6d, Dafoe 1/6d, Warhoon 1/-, Liverpool Bank Holiday Nap 8d.

Total £53-11s-0d.

Eric writes that from his angle it was a pretty easy campaign. “It got off to a good start at the LXIcon where everyone was most generous in their donations and auction bids. I’d particularly like to thank Ron Bennett, Alan Rispin, Ina Shorrock and Ethel Lindsay for their noble assistance at the convention. The monies raised were an all-time high for a British Convention and compare most favourably with the amounts raised at the American World Conventions. After the convention lethargy seemed to have set in as regards actual voting - understandably enough - but towards the end of August votes and contributions once more started coming in. Due in no small part to the efforts of Norman Shorrock and Eric Jones respectively and their prodding of the Liverpool and Cheltenham Groups.” --EB.

HYPHEN 29 (Sept 61 Ian McAulay & Walt Willis, 170 Upper N’Ards Rd. ,Belfast 4, N,Ireland. 26pp; 1/- or 15cents) The real thing this time, with lashings of spry Irish humour and pointed observations on the fan scene. Even though Walt is very much in the background, it is easy to see from this, as any, issue of H just why our Stateside friends want him back again for another visit. Ian makes an. excellent job of the Inside Coverage editorial and there are the usual high-standard contribtions by the old firm, Jimmy White and Bob Shaw. Bob Tucker and Ted White balance the issue nationwise with more good stuff and there are several million interesting letters and Atom illos. Highly recommended, of course.

LES SPINGE 7 (Sept 61;Dave Hale, 12 Belmont Rd., Wollescote, Stourbridge, Worcs; 20pp) A new editor, a speedily produced issue and the brew as before. Bob Lichtman writes on home movies, Jim Linwood. reviews fanzines and there are a few letters around. Mike Deckinger reports on house moving (mate, you don't know you’re born; try moving four rooms full of books into two rooms) and Ken Cheslin throws out the threads of an idea about fannish codes which might even develop into something.. I can just see a whole fanzine made up of numbers, 17, 64, .89, 117, just like the old jailhouse gag. If you want to go quietly mad, try this one.

ESPRIT Vol 2 No 5 (Autumn 61; Daphne Buckmaster, 8 Buchanan St., Kirkcubright, Scotland.; 1/6d; 37pp). More meaty discussion-worthy controversy in fandom’s answer to the Reader’s Digest. John Champion backgrounds van Vogt on Thinking Machines. John Rackham writes on the Superman image in literature, and reviews/criticises Amis’ New Maps of Hell under a by-line. Philip Simpson replies to Julian Parr on rat races and Sid Birchby makes a welcome return to fan writing as does my old friend from The New Futurian and PLOY, namely “Phoenix” with another lively “Something & Nothing” column. Max Cranium is still with us and letters make up the issue. Like I said, meaty.

OOPSLA 30 (Sept 61; Gregg Calkins, 1484 B 17th S, Salt Lake City 5, Utah, USA) An issue of this perfectly produced top-flight zine is always an occasion for rejoicing, though space precludes a full review. Material is by Gregg, Willis, Grennell, Bloch Warner, and Tucker. Artwork is by Atom, Barr, Rotsler, Calkins, Harness and Bergeron. What more can you want?

STAN NUTTALL ENSNARED. On Saturday, 9th September, well-known Liverpool fan and supertax-payer Stan Nuttall married delightful damson-gin enthusiast Margie Denton. The ceremony featured massed choirs, silver trumpets and none other than WM HARRISON ESQ as Best Man. Much revelry afterwards at reception, with most of the Liverpool Group present. Early am several devotees returned to the Harrison home to sleep on sofas, carpets etc and partake of 3-star breakfasts prepared by the Master’s mother Herself. (This should finally dispose of the legend that HE materialised from a wisp of cloud above Mt. Sinai). Stan and Margie are currently (19/9) honeymooning secretly at the Smugglers Inn, Newquay We all wish them lots of luck and every happiness. (John Owen).

BRUMCON 59; KINGCON 60; LXICON 61; Photos of and around these events wanted. Will arrange prints if nec. Send proofs and prices to Brian Jordan, c/o Cotton, 193 Rustlings Road, Sheffield 11, Yorkshire.

COLONIAL EXCURSION. Bennett’s TAFF report. $1 or 7/- Pavlat or Bennett.

Brian Jordan, in final year at University, leaving fandom, more or less,for this period. ::: 24th Sept BBC TV covered half-hour with shots of SF films.

THE POSTAL AUCTION, on which bidding closes 1st November - half cash to Bennett, half to purchaser's favourite fannish charity. Item 1. Lee Hoffman’s EXCELSIOR, 3 issues complete. John Foyster has bid 15/-. Item. 2. 6 issues of HABAKKUK. Peter Singleton has bid. £6. Item 3. INNUENDO 8 & 11. 7/6d bid by John Foyster. Item 4. OBLIQUE 2,3,4 & 6. $3 bid. by Vic Ryan. No bid as yet on two issues of Geis’ PSYCHOTIC (19 & 20), Item 5, so even a low bid might take these. Item 6. THE SELECTED WRITINGS OF RICK SNEARY. 5/6d bid by John Foyster. Item 7. Shadow Mailings of FAPA. $5 bid. by Forry Ackerman. Item 8 SUN TRAILS Summer 1941 (with Bradbury illo). No bid as yet. Item 9, Item 10, Item 11, The 3 Rotsler TATTOOED DRAGON publications. £1 the 3 bid by Chris Miller. Note that the Ryan and Ackerman bids might possibly not stand for they were made without full knowledge of the facts of the auction (AXE, you forgot to mention that grasping Bennett takes half the kitty!). Similarly on the FAPA mailings (Nov 56-Aug 61) on which $2 each has been bid by Dick Bergeron. And so to another item, Item 12, on which bids will close on 1st December. AXE recently put up for auction a copy of Ray Bradbury’s first fanzine, FUTURIA FANTASIA No. 1, which has passed the $20 on bids. OK, fans, what am I bid?

ELLA PARKER MEETS FANS. Millions of letters in from Ella Parker, Our Gal in the U.S. Ella is now well out of the interior’s fannish desert and has met Chas de Vet and Redd Boggs (whose car broke down), Grennell, Hickman and Vic Ryan. She spent two wonderful weeks (say Ella and Betty Kujawa) at the home of Betty and Gene Kujawa, watching TV on Gene’s bed, piloting Gene’s plane and drinking vodka gimlets. She has stayed at the Fords’ place in Loveland and has explored the basement and well, what else is there to do! She should now be in Washington D.C. before moving on to visit Dave & Ruth Kyle in Postdam, New York. Thinks: And then we get her back?

SINCERE APOLOGIES TO TED WHITE for linking his name with the proposed move to change the traditional date of the WorldCon weekends. Ted has nothing to do with this move and is, indeed, against the proposal. Bennett goofed.

READERS LETTER Last issue was by Terry Carr. Apologies for omitting name.

Change of Address: Darroll Pardoe, Downing College, Cambridge.