This is SKYRACK 43, published on 2nd June 1962 by Ron Bennett, 13 West Cliffe Grove, Harrogate, Yorkshire, England. 6d per copy, 2/6d for 6 issues. 35 cents for 6 issues in USA ( 6 issues sent airmail for 65cents) where subscriptions should be sent to Bob Pavlat, 6001-43rd Ave, Hyattsville, Maryland. News of interest to sf fans always welcomed. Cartoon and heading by Arthur “Atom” Thomson.


The midnight 31st May deadline on the Trans-Atlantic Fan-Fund ballot shows that Ethel Lindsay has become the first femme-fan to be voted a TAFF Delegate. Final U.K. figures were ETHEL LINDSAY 41, EDDIE JONES 29. The final Stateside figures are not yet to hand but Eric Bentcliffe informs me that Ethel was leading 68 - 24 last week.

Ethel, an exiled Scot, is past Chairman of the Science Fiction Club of London and a founder member of OMPA in which apa her fanzine SCOTTISHE has become increasingly popular over the years. She has served on several convention committees and has worked behind the scenes on most British fan gatherings during the past five years.

Defeated rival Eddie Jones of Liverpool is the first to congratulate Ethel on her victory, writing "Congratulations, Ethel, the the best fan won. U.S. Fandom, you’re in for quite a pleasant surprise for Ethel possesses an effervescent personality, good humour and a sincere wish to help others. You have one of the wisest exports Britain could hope to make to America. Entertain her. Spare no expense to make her trip a memorable one, but remember to send her back. British fandom would be lost without her.”

Ethel says that she can’t believe its true and that she’s sick with excitement and hopes that she doesn’t die of excitement before the trip. She writes, “I would like to thank everyone who supported TAFF and especially Eddie for being such a wonderful companion in the campaign.I have not yet worked out a travel programme, but will do so just as soon a I simmer down a bit from the exhilarating happiness that surrounds me at the moment.”

—— Ron Bennett.

LATEST “BID ONCE” AUCTION LOTS: 50% of buying price goes to any fannish charity or organisation buyer cares to name. Send your ceiling price only. Each lot sold to top bidder at 2/6d (35cents) above second highest bid. Each bundle mailed promptly Sat 14th July. LOT 4 APHORRETA, the British wonder-zine of 1958-59 - 8 issues. Numbers 2 (Lacking cover), 4, 6 – 10. LOT 5.  IF-WORLDS OF SF. U.S.-Editions. First two volumes complete. 12 issues March 1952 – Jan 54. Reserve £1. LOT 6: - Early Nova mags, SCIENCE FANTASY  3, 4, 6, NEW WORLDS 4. Four magazines, good condition. LOT 7 BRE hardcovers - Steve Frazee: .THE SKY BLOCK; Ward Moore: BRING THE JUBILEE:;,  Heinlein: THE MAN WHO SOLD THE MOON;  Bleiler and Dikty: THE BEST SF STORIES (First Series). 4 books in d/w.

ELLIK TALKS TAFF ON BBC. During his recent TAFF trip to the British Harrogate Convention, Ron Ellik detoured to Cheltenham where he was interviewed on tape by Eric Jones, about science fiction, TAFF, and the. BSFA. The tape was sent to the BBC who broadcast the tape on the West Home Service early morning “Today” programme. Newspaper reporters have since been trying to contact Ron for a story.
(EJ & KC).

KEN SLATER REPORTS that Harry Harrison spent four days in the Aldiss hot-house before returning to Denmark and writes that  Digit have brought out (May 30th) the following four pbs at 2/6d per: The Troglodytes (Nal Rafcam), A Planet Named Terra (Victor Wadey), The Sea Lady (Wells) and Dr. Jekyll & Mr Hyde (Stevenson). Ace American Double F-139 has @ 40cents Poul Anderson’s The Makeshift Rocket (A Bicycle Built for Brew from Analog ‘58) backed with Un-Man and Other Novellas (Margin of Profit and The Life Coward are the others.) From Monarch comes a sexed up version of Russ Winterbotham’s The Space Egg, previously of Amazing and Avalon. Published by the Manchester University Press @ 21/- comes a study of the scientific romances, The Early H.G.Wells by Bernard Bergonzi, a 226pp work which is an item of value to the sf addict with more than cursory interest in the history of the modern sf novel. Apart from a serious study of the work of Wells and an excellent bibliography covering many of the uncollected items, the contents also include two stories reprinted from the “Science School Journal” 1887-88, “A Tale of the 20th Century” and “The Chronic Argonauts.” - (KFS).

GERFAN NEWS: Information on the Unterwossen Con, 24th August, in Bavaria may be had from Fran Ettl, 8211 Unterwossen, Freuhlingstrasse 6. Note that ‘8211’. Many German addresses have recently been given new zone numbers on a national basis. For example, Burkhard Blum is no longer at 16 Hofheim/Ried but now at 6844 Hofheim. (Jakobstrasse 17). FANZINE NEWS Helmut Klemm’s THE BUG EYE is to change its title to LAUNE. Mario Kwiat who published the very successful PLEHBOI last year was recently married; is planning a second edition this year. Fan Directory of Gerfans a la Broyles planned for later this year. Shortened version of Goon Goes West also planned for this year with The Enchanted Duplicator a possible for  1963. Last three projects in the hands of Tom Schluck. Big split in Gerfandom at the moment. Franz Rottensteiner wrote a series of articles criticising the standard of translations from English and American sf stories and was immediately boycotted by many clubs. Many German club-leaders, it appears, write books for lending libraries and have vested interests in the matter. (TS & BB)

Further on the above: The second Plehboi collection will be titled BABBIT. Out early 1963. DM 2 from Mario Kwiat, 44 Muenster, Box 4002 K, Germany.

1961 FAN DIRECTORY. 500 addresses. 1/6 or 25cents from Bennett or Bob Pavlat.

BASTION 3 (Spring 1962, from Eric Bentcliffe, 47 Alldis Street, Gt Moor, Stockport, Cheshire & Norman Shorrock, 2. Arnot Way, Higher Bebington, Wirral, Cheshire.) Outstanding in this issue of Merseyside’s offering to the zinescene is the artwork by Eddie Jones and Jim Cawthorn, excellent stencil studies of serious artwork. Dick Lupoff writes about New York fanzines and Brian Aldiss contributes a survey of literary bombs. Mike Moorcock visits Sweden and Eric Bentcliffe and John Roles take up Drums Along the Mersey where John Owen left off in that brilliant, readable, deadpan style. Good stuff this.

HYPHEN 31 (March 1962 1/-, Walt Willis & Ian McAulay, 170 Upper Newtownards Rd, Belfast 4, N. Ireland.). Carried over from SKYRACK’s last issue.... The usual standard - A melange of material by Jimmy White, Bob Shaw, George Charters Atom and George Spencer. A neat cover and a beautiful bacover with a .superb Lighthouse touch.

THE SOL READER (1/9; Tom Schluck, Hannover, Altenbekener 10, W. Germany) A selection of the material recently published in the Gerfanzine SOL, and specially translated into English. An interesting, if stilted, array, with one really outstandingly interesting and enthusiastic entertaining item, a meeting with von Braun by Wolfgang Thadewald.

FOCUS 3 (January 1962; Mervyn Barrett, 74 Jolimont Street, Jolimont, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia). Interesting but average material by Roger Horrooks and Alan Dodd. (And thanks for the stamps, Merv).

SHANGRI-L’AFFAIRES 60 (Jan-Feb 1962; Edited by Fred Patten; 1/8d from Archie Mercer, 434/4 Newark Rd., North Hykeham, Lincoln) A goodly selection of material by John Berry, Jack Harness, Hal Lynch, Dirce Archer, Bjo, Roy Tackett and others.

SCIENCE FICTION PARADE (March 1962; Stan Woolston, 12832 Westlak Street, Garden Grove, California, USA) A revival of the newszine inaugurated to spread the gospel of the 1958 SolaCon. This issue devoted to fan- and prozine listing and survey.

STEFANTASY (February 1962; Wm. M. Danner, R.D.1, Kennerdell, Pa., USA) Professional-type humour presented in a professional manner. Material by J Peff, Michael Frayn and one Colin Freeman.

PANIC BUTTON 7 (Winter 1962; Les Nirenberg, 1217 Weston Road, Toronto 15,, Ont.,Canada). High class captioned photos as the trade mark and material by Len Moffatt, Roy Tackett, Jim Linwood, Walter Breen, Rog Ebert, Norm Clarke and Gary Deindorfer.

WARHOON 15 (Richard Bergeron, 110 Bank Street, New York 14; 5 for $1; April 1962) A 70 pager. Wow! Backed for this year’s Hugo is the latest Wrhn with material by Bergeron, Virginia Blish (on La Dolce Vita), Redd Boggs (File 13), James Blish, Walt Willis (The Harp That Once or Twice), Robert Lowndes, Brian Aldiss, Nancy Rapp (Tattooed Dragon satire), and interesting lengthy-letter-writers.

THE HARROGATE CONVENTION was first reported in the Yorkshire Evening Post for Easter Monday. For once the “green monster walking down the street” element was happily absent and the report was a straightforward account quoting seven Germans attending the con, 150 attending in all, Brian Burgess the owner of one of the biggest SF libraries in Britain and the first conference of “the organisation” taking place in Leeds 35 years ago. Ah,well.....

Ken Cheslin, 18 New Farm Road, Stourbridge, Worcs., plugs UCHUJIN and says that he’s expecting a tape from the Japanese fans and will willingly lend it to clubs, groups and individuals. Ken himself recently visited Cheltenham fandom and will be visiting his parents in Birmingham early in June. :::: BSFA Newsletter 13 in from the new editor, Ella Parker, full of meat and vastly interesting.:::: Mike Kilvert, con attending founder of the Stourbridge group, marries 2nd June. :::: Many thanks Disclave attendees for the postcard with birthday wishes from Peggy Rae McKñight, Pat Lupoff, Dave & Ruth Kyle , Andy Main, Larry McCombs,  Will Jenkins, Mother and Bob Pavlat, ::::Happy Lupoff’s Day to you too!!. :::: Don Ford & Bobbie Gray note - US Service paper STARS AND STRIPES featured Tower of London armour on l4th May linking pressure resistance with that of space suits. :::: Richad W. Calkins, creator of Buck Rogers, died 13 May in Arizona, aged 68. :::: Thanks Tom Schluck, Gerfans, Ian and Betty Peters and Ethel Lindsay for the one-shot produced in Hampton Court Maze. :::: And thank you, Sandra Hall,  for the copy of the fanzine with the circulation of 8,000 - a publicity leaflet for the recent Municipal elections, .Sandra having stood for the Fulham m Borough Council. No news available on the result. Anyone? :::: Recent issue of Amateur Cine ran pic of Les Childs in a still from the Cheltenham film “The Test.”

HARROGATE CONVENTION final balance sheet held up. Money still to come in from Advertisers and non-attendees who cancelled too late for rooms to be sold. The hotles billed the con for rooms. The Clarendon billed for a table. Two American Embassy posters disappeared, as did some thirty convention pencils which should have been mailed out to non-attending members.

LATE DISCLAVE CARD  from Dave & Ruth Kyle who inform that fans were on the roof. Next Stateside national con is the WesterCon June 30th-July 1st at the Alexandria, Los Angeles, followed by the ChiCon, the Chicago Worldcon which will be attended by three British fans at least in Walt Willis (and Madeleine of course), TAFF Delegate Ethel Lindsay and Tony Glynn. That’s 31st August-3rd September.