This is SKYRACK Number 6, dated the 18th August, 1959 and published by Ron Bennett, 7 Southway, Arthurs Avenue, Harrogate, Yorkshire, England at “Inchemery, 236, Queens Road, New Cross, London S.E.14, which is an additional temporary address good until September. SKYRACK costs 6d per copy, 6 issues 2/6d. 35 cents for 6 issues in USA, subcriptions to Bob Pavlat, 6001 43rd, Avenue, Hyattsvville, Maryland, USA. News of interest to SF fans gratefully accepted. Cartoon headings urgently required as you can probably tell from this one which was drawn by yours truly from an idea by Daphne Buckmaster.

Although SKYRACK is. officially a monthly, this is an additional issue and the next issue is scheduled for early September.


The private fund inaugurated last year by the Falascas in order to “Bring Berry to Detroit” has proved a success. John, the man behind the Goon Defective Agency and editor of RETRIBUTION will leave Belfast for the U.S.A. on August 25th. He is expected to visit several American fans during his three weeks’ stay, in addition to attending the Detention. John is due back in Belfast September 17th. It is understood that he will travel to the convention with Bob Pavlat and Barbara Lex.


Following the news last issue of Bobbie Wild’s engagement to Bill Gray of Cheltenham, it is learned that further fannish congratulations are in order. Norman Shorrock reports that Eric Needham, ex-co-editor of NOW AND THEN has finally done it. Eric and his bride have set up home at 23 Canton Street, Weaste, Salford 5, Lancs.

INCHMERY FANDOM are staying at Sandy Sanderson’s home (90 Beresford Road, Longsight, Manchester 13) for a fortnight. Their holiday began with an open night’s party 8th/9th August on which Sandy reports: “After a shaky start the Inchmerycon turned out to be quite successful. We missed the train from London and had to catch a later one, involving a change at Crewe. We arrived in Manchester about 4.30a.m. and got to sleep about 5.30. A second disaster was that our bulk order of provisions hadn’t come through which meant that the morning and afternoon had to be spent running around shopping. The first fans, Alan Rispin and Jim Linwood arrived shortly after midday. Brian Jordan joined them shortly afterwards and Klaus Eylmann who had just arrived in England from Hamburg journeyed up to be the fourth arrival. The party proper got under way with the arrival of the Liverpool convoy, two cars bringing Jeff Collins, Nancy Pooley, John Roles, Norman and Ina Shorrock, John Owen and two recently new Club members named Joan and Kitty.*   Sid Birchby, Mr and Mrs Dave Cohen and Terry Jeeves (and Joyce) and Eric Bentcliffe (and Beryl) made up the later arrivals.. The first shock for most arrivals was the sight of Ron Bennett, waving a pack of playing cards. Although temporary custodian of Inchmery, London, he had travelled down with us and on the train introduced us to the game of Hearts - which he lost - also helping with the luggage. Nicki Clarke enjoyed herself thoroughly making eyes at all the fen and finally deigned to go to bed about midnight. Meanwhile, back in the kitchen, Norman, head punch mixer in chief - was brewing up a lethal concoction which was promptly handed round, its lethal qualities being well hidden under a lethal exterior. The party was somewhat crowded at first until Bennett succeeded in starting a brag school in one of the other rooms. This eventually provided his fare to Harrogate and back to London. The general merriment went on until about six a.m., when breakfast was started ((You mean like the thought of food made us cry or sumpn? RB)).Occasional departures throughout the morning occurred until the last fan left about midday. Among other mementoes of the party was a present by John Roles to Joy of a book she had wanted. A considerable number of photos were taken. It is highly probable that the distribution of the majority will be strictly limited to the guilty parties.”

Ron Bennett adds: * denotes the omission of Stan Nuttall and Eddie Jones, sorry. Sandy leaves out the trip to the Anson Hotel where Jeff Collins wagered a local mundane type that he couldn’t go behind the  bar and draw Jeff a drink. The mundane type did so, and later showed us his cellars - he was the hotel’s manager. There was also the trying out of Sandy's new camera. While Sandy slept photographs were taken of Sandy. Altogether a darn good party and well worth the trip.

I’ve been in London a fortnight renewing friendships with London fans who have dropped in at Inchmery. I’ve ridden on Arthur Thomson’s motorbike to the Bulmers, have seen BBC What Do You Know Recordings with Ella Parker and George Locke, have seen Aporrheta produced on my bed and have been over to Clacton to see Barry Hall and Bryan Welham. They were both out.

ALAN RISPIN spent the best part of a week in London and showed up at the Globe along with Jim Linwood. Other out of town visitors were Bob Richardson of Cheltenham and Tea, Tripod and Spinge of Stourbridge. “Tea”, Peter Davies reports that they looked up the Globe on the Tuesday evening on arrival in London and later took in the sights, making a special trip to see Regents Park Zoo and a couple of sociable vultures.

APORRHETA  12 (H.P.Sanderson, “Inchemery” 236, Queen’s Road, New Cross, London S.E.14  1/6 or 20 cents per copy, 6 for 8/- or $1, 12 for 15/- of $2.) With the coming of the long-awaited issue of Ape, Sandy tells us that the title means ‘“esoteric doctrines”. Except that this is primarily a fanzine for fanzine fans,- there is little esoterica in this issue and there is not a page which is not entertaining. Up and coming George Locke continues to fulfil promise with a neat “Cover Story,” Penelope Fandergaste discusses Ape as fandom’s focal point, Sid Birchy discusses Penelope Fandergaste, and Joy Clarke columnises on Fantasy & Science Fiction and a campaign for nuclear disarmament. Bob Bloch answers burning questions of the moment and Dean Grennell reviews books by Bloch, Russell, Kornbluth and knight. Bob Leman got crowded out by minor items like the Atom A- Z series and his several cartoons in the twentyfour page long Inchmery Fan Diary Once again highly recommended

ALAN DODD is in Tangier. Betty Kujawa reports receiving a card reading, “Dear Betty, Leave your husband. Come wiz me to the Casbah. Love,  Pepe.”

THE SUN TANNED GIANTS of Los Angeles held a Secret Surprise Birthday Party in honour of TAFF Candidate Betty Jo Wells. August 15th was declared Bjo’s Day. Ghu, it is said, has taken whosoever profaned it. A nice touch was that all invited were asked to park their modes of transportation (“auto, carpet, Gryphon, etc)” away from the Forrie Ackermansion where the party was held. No doubt FANAC will cover the event in detail.

IAN MACAULAY is in London, on holiday. He showed up at the Globe, Thursday 13th. Highlight of the evening was a slanging match between Ian and Ella Parker, the editor of ORION, which went on all evening.

LES CHILDS is also in London, after a holiday in Ireland. Les sent a card from Antrim and said that not only had he been to Dublin and Cork but that he’d met John Berry. Les arrived in London late evening Friday, l4th and was met by Welcoming Committee, George Locke, the editor of SMOKE and Ella Parker, the editor of ORION (who shall receive my bill with her copy).

ELLA A. PARKER, 151 Canterbury Read, West Kilburn, London N.W.6. is acting as British agent for Bob Tucker’s revised and soon to be published NEO FAN’S GUIDE. No price stated. # Sandy Sanderson, “Inchmery,” 236 Queens Rd, New Cross, London SE 14 ís British agent for FANCYCLOPAEDIA II, to be published by Dick Eney on 1st September. This almost 200 pages thick giant project has been five years in the making, bringing up to date Jack Speer’s original FANCYCLOPAEDIA. The price is 5/6d ($l.25) with a special pre-publication reduction at 7/-($l). # It is understood that the proposed Fanthology entitled THE WILLIS PAPERS has now been taken over by Ted Johnstone and that Arthur Thomson will act as British agent.

THE TRANS-ATLANTIC FAN FUND, is still moving along smoothly but in order to ensure that a North American delegate will attend the Convention next year, more cash is needed. I can not only supply voting forms, I carry copies in my wallet. Stop me on the street! Both contributions and votes will be gratefully accepted by either myself or Bob Madle, 5608 Caroline, Indianapolis 18, Indiana, USA. In addition to the list of British and European fans published in the previous issue, Sandy Sandfield, Mike Moorcock and Derek Oldham have also voted. Have you?

MEMBERS OF THE LONDON CIRCLE kindly note that the August business meeting will take place next Friday, 21st, at the White Horse, Fetter Lane. In at the side door and straight up the stairs.

L. RON HUBBARD hit the newspapers recently. We’re told that his new house in Sussex has 20 principal rooms and stands in 30 acres, with a lake and swimming pool. Hubbard is reported as saying that H.A.S.I.(The Hubbard Association of Scientologist International) “has had to apologise to many people for inviting them to buy shares in a company which did not exist.” The sad tale of an s-f writer gone gafía.

DON ALLEN is in the middle of a house moving project and the proposed August/September is thus being held up until he gets settled in. Until 1st September his mail should go c/o 26 Sidney Grove,Gateshead 8,Co Durham. Address after 1st September will be 12 Briar Edge, Forest Hall Newcastle on Tyne, Northumberland. 4

THIRTY SIX FANS in Europe voted on the final ballot for the Hugo Awards to be presented at the Detention. This World Convention is to be held at the Pick Fort Shelby Hotel, Detroit, Michigan, September 5th-7th. Even if you are unable to attend, you can join the convention’s membership by sending me 7/-. The latest Progress Report shows that Isaac Asimov will be Toastmaster and Poul Anderson Guest of Honour. The Report also contains news on the banquet, proposed programme items and auctions, and souvenir playing cards.

THE FIRST FULL SCALE CONVENTION to be held in Continental Europe is all lined up for August 22nd/23rd at the Hotel Weisser Wind in Zurich. Rainer Eisfeld tells me that latest news of attending delegations is that The Club Nova will travel from Paris and that Joel Lima of the Clube de Literature de Policiaria will attend from Portugal. # Nearer home I see that money is pouring in for the Symposium, to be held by the London Circle, overnight October 3rd. Price of admission is 21/- and bookings should be made through Sandra Hall, 41 Northend House, Fitzjames Avenue,London W14. The guinea covers all food and drink. # Sandra incidentally, has just returned from a holiday in Moscow (she sends a card suggesting The Kremlin for the next consite ..sorry dear; no lift, all Steppes, Also it’s too tzar.) and reports that Doctor A.R. Weir is having to give up the Secretaryship of the BSFA and that she, Sandra, takes over from him on 1st September.