This is, surprisingly enough, SKYRACK 64, dated 16th March 1964 and edited by Ron Bennett, 17 Newcastle Road, Wavertree, Liverpool 15. 6d per copy. 2/6 for 6 issues (35c in USA). Airmail rates six issues for 5/- or 70cents. U.S. subscribers can send their play money (old Ron Ellik type joke) to Skyrack's new representative, Bob Coulson, Route 3, Wabash, Ind.46992. Cartoon by Frank Garnett who is a better artist than my stencil cutting allows him to appear and contributions are by Sid Birchby, Harry Harrison and Mike Moorcock amongst others.

Eleven days to the Peterborough Convention…
be seeing you!

SCIENCE FICTION FANS THE WORLD OVER will rejoice at the news that New Worlds and Science Fantasy have gained an eleventh hour reprieve. New Worlds, which has seen some fifteen years of continuous publication, and its sister Nova publication were due to fold this month. Both titles have now been bought by a new publisher, David Warburton of Roberts & Vinter Ltd., and will accordingly continue publication without a break.

As Ted Carnell is, however, committed to other projects, such as the new Corgi anthology announced in Skyrack recently, each magazine will be under the guiding hand of a new editor. Stepping into the world of professional sf is Kyril Bonfiglioli, the Oxford antiquarian bookseller, who will be responsible for Science Fantasy, whilst in charge at New Worlds will be Michael Moorcock who comes to the editorial chair via general fandom, editing Tarzan Adventures and the world of Elric. This is undoubtedly the most important elevation to prozine publishing since seventeen year old Charles Hornig was hired as editor to Wonder Stories just thirty years ago. Both magazines will have a paperback format but will retain the character of a magazine, with serials and the usual departments.

In previous years the comment has occasionally been made that stories from either New Worlds or Science Fantasy could be transferred to the sister magazine without any noticeable change in character. Whether or not this has in fact been true, it would appear that the two magazines will each now possess its own individual characteristics and will well complement the New Writing in Science Fiction series that Ted Cornell is supervising. Science Fantasy will still continue to devote space to stories of the "sword and sorcery" type and will in all probability commence reprinting occasional stories which have not been available for some time to the general reader. New Worlds is likely to build its policy around the radical "breakthrough" type of story, as long as reader response warrants this experimental approach. There is also a good chance of science fact material being run in either or both of the magazines, which, will each be appearing on a bi-monthly basis.

The first of the two looks like being New Worlds which will appear in April and which will feature a coloured cover by Jim Cawthorn , The Delta at Sunset, an "inner space" story by J.G.Ballard, I'll Never Let Go of Your Hand by Brian Aldiss, John Brunner's The Last Lonely Man and a novelette with a background of galactic intrigue, by Barry Bayley.

Mike Moorcock writes, "Authors wishing to submit material would be best advised to use Ted Carnell's agency since this will give the chance of submitting to several markets at once. Material specifically intended for me should be marked for my attention. Ted's address is 17 Burwash Road, Plumstead, London S.E.18. The apathy which had overcome some of our more established writers with the final demise of Nebula should now, I hope, be dispelled. Ted, myself and Mr. Bonfiglioli are all keen to encourage new talent and the fact that there are three editors with varying tastes now in the market here should, I feel, spur on the newcomers." Wonderful news altogether, Mike, and very best wishes for your future success with New Worlds

WE TOO GET LETTERS FROM THE UNCHARTED CORNERS OF THE WORLD department, subtitled "Not only is one Peterborough convention enough for Aldiss but Reynolds and Harrison chicken out also." Being extracts from a letter, from the U.S. Ambassador to the Rigsdag, Harry Harrison: "It can’t be done. I know that all Britain will weep tears of anguish. but we will be going to New York for three weeks at the beginning of April and I can't squeeze in the Con as well. Your latest issue was full of facts. Some were wrong. Deathworld will not be out later this year, well not that later, but shall be published on 26th March, just in time for the Con. And tell your proofreader that that title is one word, not two. Print this correction or I’ll sue! You hear me Bennett? Curses, can't sue - no money in fandom. Bribery, that's the way. Hi, there, Bennett, you charming old pocket Beaverbrook, you. Correct the DeathWorld data and I'll give you some exclusive news. Even Ted Carnell, who knows everything, didn't know this until I told him. The 2nd International Festival of SF Films will be held in Trieste this year from July 9th-18th. But, sob, there will be no roundtable or book exhibition to go with it. It has been decided to have these every other year. To save money, I suppose. But there will be better films this year. I’ll keep you abreast of further facts. (See you do or I'll consider printing the parts of this letter I'm omitting now). I just got a card from Mack Reynolds who is doing a 6 month world tour on some crummy Jugoslav freighter. The postage stamp is Indian and is cancelled Fort St George. Your guess is as good as mine as to where it was sent from (I Madras you about this sometime). The card itself has a photograph of some jokers walking on hot coals, is titled Fire-Walking at Kataragama, is published by Ceylon Pictorials and printed in the U.S.A. Our old Buddy has inscribed it "Having a time. Wish you were here - instead." Some people will do anything for a penny a word.” And thank you, Mr Harrison.

SKYRACK has a new Stateside representative. Robert "Buck" Coulson, editor of the longest appearing regular monthly fanzine, FAPAn and critique extraordinaire, is one of America's best known fans and is welcomed with open arms.


SCOTTISHE (Ethel Lindsay, Courage House, 6 Langley Avenue, Surbiton, Surrey; 25pp; 1/9 or 25c) Unnumbered and undated, Scottishe moves, with its 35th issue, from the limited circulation of OMPA out into the big, big world of the genzine. Much of this issue is devoted to recent remarks about Britain's attitude to the U.S.A., which are well covered in Brian Varley's up to standard article, and also in several readers letters. Ethel natters and Arthur Thomson fills up a page with some excellent illos and a little somewhat disappointing froth.Walt Willis' Warblings is made up of all that is good about fandom, a marvellous item of recommended reading.

BEYOND 4 (Charles Platt, 8 Sollershot West, Letchworth, Herts; 9d per issue, 2/6 for 4; 31pp) Mimeographed for the first time, this is a meaty issue packed with "throw-away" items that should spark a host of readers letters. Of particular note are the symposium on the BSFA (about which quite a little notice should be taken ) and the transcribed interview with Ted Carnell, which could be well be classed as a minor scoop. Not quite a deathless fanzine yet, but a near miss. (Am I still being too kind in my fanzine reviews?)

CHAOS 3 (March 1964; Roy Kay, 91 Craven Street, Birkenhead; 9d; 34pp) I get the impression that this is the type of fanzine which can all too easily slip through a collector's net - it's a quiet fanzine. Or it may be that Birkenhead is, after all, overshadowed by the home of the Beatles, of football pools and of football league champions Everton just across the water. Too little is seen of Roy himself, unfortunately, but John Berry helps out to make up for the loss and there is also material from Ken McIntyre, Terry Bishop and Charles Platt.

FRAP 3 (Bob Lichtman, 6137 S Croft Ave., Los Angeles, California, 90056. 5 for $1; 13pp; Jan-Feb 1964)
A neat and slick issue, presented with care and facility and darn entertaining into the bargain. Ray Nelson contributes illos and a cookbook (!), Len Moffatt writes a script for the Dick Powell Theatre (polythene wrapped, vastly entertaining throughout and then leaving one up in the air and feeling..."so?"). Elmer Perdue writes on Agatha Christie's Ten Little Indians, Bob himself gives advice on how to avoid  traffic tickets and Greg Benford jumps in with a pip of a piece, Meyer. You guys Ed McBain fans? One of the best things to come out of American fandom for all too long.

YANDRO 132 (11th Annish and published by Buck & Juanita Coulson, RR 3, Wabash, Indiana 46992. 25c or 12 for $2.50. UK rates 1/3 or 12 for 12/- from Alan Dodd, 77 Stanstead Road, Hoddeson, Herts. 49 pages this issue). The remark about Frap being one of the best etc etc is in no way detrimental to either the overall quality of this monthly fanzine or the especial quality of this anniversary issue. With 18 bylined items it is virtually impossible to list them all, so I'll name-drop with Tucker, DeWeese, Hickey, Pilati, Harrell, Dodd and mention the Adkins cover and the Atom illos. Heck, if you're a fan, you know Yandro anyway. After all, eleventh annish…

SCIENCE FICTION ADVENTURES (British Edition) CHECKLIST. In three parts - by author, issue and title. 1/6 from Roger Peyton, 77 Grayswood Park Road, Quinton, Birmingham 32.

"Daddy, daddy, come and see Manchester United on T.V."
"Not just now -- I'm too busy filling in my Skyrack poll ballot form."

GERFAN NOTES. Slight possibility that Rolf Gindorf will be at Peterborough, We'll know in a fortnight. This could well be Rolf's second Con in a week (an excellent thought) for the fifth Niederrhein Con takes place 21st/22nd March in Duisburg. Fan GOH is Franz Rottensteiner von Quarb of Austria and also expected to attend is George Scithers. It wouldn't surprise me if another D.C. fan dropped in also ::: Der Spiegel recently ran a spread on Arthur C. Clarke ::: And meanwhile the tremendous support for the summer Castle Con in Marquartstein is buidling up. Held over the weekend of 1/3rd August in the 1000 year old Bavarian castle there, the Castle Con is to be attended by some dozen fans from Liverpool, by Archie Mercer and Ethel Lindsay. George Locke is the latest fan to mention an interest and anyone also out there who is thinking of combining their annual holiday with this fabulous fannish weekend should write Tom Schluck, Altenbeker Damm 10, 3 Hannover, West Germany for details or see Norman Shorrock at the Peterborough Convention.

SNIPPETS: The Skyrack ballots continue to roll in and this could be the best return ever. Closing date is 31st March and all voting will receive a free issue of the Skyrack in which the results appear. If you haven’t yet voted, get cracking! ::: Wally Weber, Seattle's 1964 TAFF delegate will arrive this week in London in good time for the PeterCon; Wally will be a member of the Saturday morning panel which, will discuss the question "Does Fandom Need Science Fiction?" Also on the panel will be TAFF candidates Phil Rogers and Arthur Thomson and relative newcomer Terence Bull. Ron Bennett will be chairman and will try to take notes for Skyrack at the same time. Hell. ::: The Soviet Literaturnaya Gazeta recently ran a feature supporting SF and deploring the attitude of the Union of Writers to the genre ::: NALGO's monthly paper Public Service recently took on a new assistant editor, none other than Wally Gillings, who, it appears apt to mention, was one time editor of Science Fantasy.