This is SKYRACK Number 7, dated 9th September 1959 and published by Ron Bennett, 7 Southway, Arthurs Avenue, Harrogate, Yorkshire, England. 6d. per copy six. issues 2/6.35 cents for 6 issues in USA,  subscriptions to Bob Pavlat, 6001 43rd Ave, Hyattsville. Md. News gratefully accepted. Cartoon: Arthur Thomson, Contributors: Bob Pavlat, Mike Moorcock, Ella Parker, Sandy Sanderson, George Locke, Atom, Howard DeVore. A cross on the back page means your sub. expired.

STOP PRESS ; TRIODE 16 is out. Perfect duplicating -- 1/6 from Eric Bentcliffe, 47 Alldis Street, Gt Moor, Stockport, Cheshire – items by by Hurstmonceaux & Faversham, Birchby, Jeeves, Part 10 Colonial Excursion. 






MIKE MOORCOCK who has recently sold his first story to Nova (this is a five thousand worder “Peace on Earth” which will appear in New Worlds under the by-line “Michael Barrington.”) asks me to run this open letter:  “There have been a lot of rumours circulating lately stating that a certain femme and myself are at present living together. If it were not for the bad taste associated with this rumour, it would be laughable but as it is I am disgusted that people could be petty minded enough to entertain the idea. The rumour is baseless - there is, no truth in it at all. But if anyone in fandom wants to talk about it - let ‘em come and say it to my face. They can consider that a warning. Denying this relationship, I know, will have little effect in discrediting it in the dirty minds of people who should know better. However, I have stated the facts as they are and hope that people who have not yet heard this rumour will know that it is entirely untrue.” -- Mike Moorcock, 30 Benhill Wood Road, Sutton, Surrey.

THE TWENTY FIRST OMPA MAILING was posted Saturday 5th September. This mailing was produced under unusual circumstances in that all three officials, President Joy Clarke, Treasurer Sandy Sanderson and Editor yours truly were sharing the same roof at the time of the mailing. During the concerted drive at Inchmery a young German fan, Juergen vom Scheidt, stayed over night. Juergen had visited Ken Slater and his guest Terry Jeeves in Wisbech and was travelling on to Cardiff to look up Peter West. Practically as soon as Juergen had left, Dorothy Hartwell dropped in with Jim Linwood who was in. London for the weekend. I spent a very pleasant evening with Ina and. Norman Shorrock who came to town the same day en route from Southampton to a flying visit to Paris. This meeting was arranged by long distance phone from Southampton to the boiler making firm for whom I was working at the time.

STATESIDE FANS who have not yet voted in the Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund note that American Administrator Bob Madle has moved from Indianapolis and that forms should now be sent to him at his new address, 672 Ripley Street, Brookville, Alexandria, Virginia. On this side of the Atlantic further votes have come from Ian McAulay, Arthur Thomson, Ted Tubb, Bobbie Wild, Pete Taylor, Sandra Hall, Charlie Duncombe and Frank Arnold. In addition Sid Birchby and Ron Hall have contributed but have not voted. Further contributions and votes will be gratefully accepted by either Bob Madle or myself.

IT HAS BEEN A LEAN MONTH for British fanzines. Ella Parker, 151 Canterbury Road, West Kilburn, London N.W.6. promises that ORION 23 will be published within the next fortnight. The price as usual will be one shilling and. contributors will include George Locke, Jim Linwood, Dorothy Hartwell and Ken Bulmer. Understandably, says Ella, there will be no John Berry Sergeant story but to balance this there will be an even longer than usual letter column. # Dick Eney's FANCYCLOPAEDIA II is now being distributed. This monumental work which contains close on 200 pages may be bought from Dick himself or from his British agent Sandy Sanderson, “Inchmery” 236 Queens Road, London. SE l4, at 8/6d per copy.

NEBULA is to produce its last issue with number 42. It is understood that the demise of this popular magazine is due to the combination of ill health on the part of editor Peter Hamilton, the. recent printing dispute,  and an unsuccessful attempt to distribute in the U.S.A. This will not mean however that fandom will be lacking a representative column in the professional field, for Belle Dietz has sold Hans Steffan Santesson on the idea of a fanzine review column for his magazine FANTASTIC UNIVERSE, which was recently bought by Great American Publishers from King Size Publications. From September the magazine will appear bi-monthly in a larger sized edition corresponding roughly to the size of Popular Mechanics. Belle’s first column is scheduled for the October issue and will thereafter continue as a regular feature. Fanzines for review should be sent to Belle at 1721. Grand Avenue, Bronx 53, New York, USA.

BELLE AND FRANK DIETZ & DETENTION FILMS FOR SYMPOSIUM. The London Circle is holding a one day convention, the Symposium at 65 South Audley Street London W.l.(this parallels Park Lane)  from 4pm on October 3rd, and through the night.The all-in cost is one guinea This should be sent to Charlie Duncombe, 82 Albert Square, London E.15. There will be a programme but exact details are not yet known. There will also be food and drink. World Convention films, covering London (1957), South Gate (1958) and Detroit (1959) will be shown. The Detention films, incidentally, will be given their “World Premiere” at the Symposium. It is hoped that Norman Shorrock will be on hand with his projector, though failing his attendance Ted Carnell has promised. to step into the breach. The Detention films are being brought over by Belle and Frank Dietz who expect to land at London airport for a fortnight’s holiday on September 26th. After having had their holidays pushed back further and further they decided that it would be as easy to come to England as holiday in the States. They will be staying at Inchmery whilst in London and are hoping to renew acquaintances made two years ago at the London Worldcon. The Symposium should provide the opportunity.

THE FIRST EUROPEAN SF CONVENTION was held in Zurich August 22/23 and is reported as having been a resounding success. Covered by radio, press and news reel cameramen from Switzerland and Germany the convention boasted an attendance of 130 with representatives from Germany, Switzerland, Portugal and France. Guest of Honour was German author Freder van Holk who lectured on Research and. Fiction. Amongst other speakers was Pierre Versins who spoke on French science-fiction. Karl-Herbert Scheer was awarded a Hugo for his novel, Octavian III and awards were also made to other German writers and to the makers of Forbidden. Planet, The War of the Worlds, This Island Earth arid The Fly.

ARTHUR THOMSON is acting as British agent for THE COLLECTED WORKS OF WALTER A. WILLIS. The first volume should appear during Autumn published by Ted Johnstone, 1503 Rollin Street, South Pasadena California. The ordinary edition sells at 5/- with a deluxe edition @ 7/-. Arthur Thomson,17 Brockham House, Brockham Drive, S.W.2.

THE SEVENTEENTH WORLD SCIENCE FICTION CONVENTION was held in Detroit, Michigan over the weekend. Sincere congratulations are offered to the American newszine FANAC, its editors Ron Ellik and Terry Carr, and to other HUGO winners. This year the HUGO awards went as follows:

BEST NOVEL: A CASE 0F CONSCIENCE by James Blish (Ballantine).

BEST NOVELETTE: BIG FRONT YARD by Clifford Simak (Astounding)






There was no award this year in the category of Best SF Film,  The Fly, Dracula, and The 7th Voyage of Sinbad having been nominated for the award. Kelly Freas and The Mag of F & SF carry off HUGOs in their respective categories for the second year in succession. H

HOWARD DEVORE of the Detention Committee writes, “Wish you could be here -  I’d type you out an authorization as Chairman then go off and get drunk for a couple of weeks.” Well after all you did want the convention, didn’t you? Welcome to the select band of Never Again Brothers.

DICK ENEY reports, “John Berry arrived ok at Idlewild Airport, New York. Larry Shaw unfurled a banner saying 'WELCOME GOON!’ And the police chased us off. It turned out later that what they objected to was the lifesize nude photo of Marilyn Monroe in the center of the banner...”

THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY attended the Detention.

PITTSBURGH defeated Washington in a straight vote for the 1960 Con site. The voting took place during the Sunday business session. I had money on Washington, too! O.K., Sandy, give Joy the 6d you’re holding......