This is SKYRACK number 79, dated 11th May 1965 and published by Ron Bennett, 52 Fairways Drive, Forest Lane, Harrogate, Yorkshire, England. 2/6d. for six issues. 35cents for 6 issues (airmail 70cents) in the USA where subscriptiions may be sent to dear ol’ lovable Buck. Coulson, Route 3,.Wabash, Indiana 46992. Heading by Eddie Jones, illustration by Arthur “Atom” Thomson, and contributions from Walt Willis, Michael Moorcock, Alan Dodd. News of interest to fans always welcome.



On 6th May the old red brick house at 170 Upper Newtownards Road, Belfast,which had been the H.Q. of Irish Fandom for nearly 20 years, finally reverted to the mundane plane of existence. At a house-cooling party the occasion was marked by a simple but moving ceremony attended by all Irish fandom. In the fan attic the last ghoodminton service was solemnly performed by Bob Shaw. Symbolically, it was not returned. Instead the last shuttlecock was picked up by John Berry and reverently removed to its final resting place, a time capsule donated by Sadie Shaw. Also in the glass cylindrical 2 lb capsule were deposited. a copy of The Enchanted Duplicator (lst edition), some hyphens in printing type, used for Slant, a dollop of duplicating ink, James White’s first bow-tie (symbolising the professional element of IF) and signatures of the great fans and good friends who had stayed at Oblique House during the years, including Forry Ackerman, Lee Hoffman, Chuck Harris, Mal Ashworth, Ron Ellik, Larry Shaw, Vince Clarke, Boyd Raeburn, Andy Young, Ken & Irene Potter, Ken & Pamela Bulmer, John Roles, Bea Mahaffey, Rory Faulkner, Evelyn Smith, Sid Birchby, Harry Turner, Sid Coleman, Steve Schultheis and many others. The time capsule was then buried in the front lawn, underneath the cherry tree, in earth with which had been mingled the sacred soil of South Gate, donated by Rick Sneary. A fannish era had ended. Oblique House was one with Ninevah, Tyre and 101 Wagner Street, Savannah.

The Willises are now living in a wooden shack by the seaside, their furniture in storage, while negotiations proceed for the acquisition of a new stately home for Irish Fandom. Meanwhile, Walt and Madeleine can be reached through their accommodation address, 27 Clonlee Drive, Belfast 4.

(An Irish Fandom press release from Walt Willis)

THE FINAL BALLOTS for the 1965 Hugo Awards (to be presented at the London Worldcon in August) have now been distributed. As usual, only Convention members are allowed to partipate in this final ballot. Noininations are as follows:-

Best Novel:- Edgar Pangborn’s Davy, Cordwainer Smith’s The Planet Buyer, Fritz Leiber’s The Wanderer, John.Brunner’s:The Whole Man. The Planet Buyer is published Pyramid Books, the other three by Ballantine.

Best Short Story;- Robert F. Young’s Little Dog Gone in the Feb Worlds of Tomorrow, Rick Raphael’s Once A Cop in the May Analog, and Gordon Dickson’s Soldier Ask Not in the October Galaxy.

Best Professional Magazine;- Analog,  Fantasy & Science Fiction, Galaxy and Worlds of If.

Best Fanzine;- Bill Bowers’and Bill Mallardi’s Double Bill., Robert and Juanita Coulson’s Yandro, and Peter Weston’s Zenith.

Best Artist;-  Ed Emshwiller, Frank Frazetta, Jack Gaughan and John Schoenherr.

Best Publisher;- Ace, Ballantine, Gollancz and Pyramid.

Best Dramatic Presentation;-  The Seven Faces of Dr. Lao and Dr. Strangelove.

The London Worldcon Committee, which originally followed the lead of last year’s Pacificon in dropping the drama award, have bowed before the general feeling prevalent in fandom and have heeded what has been a significant number of write-in nominations regarding this category. The Committee is undoubtedly to be congratulated, not only upon the reversal of its original decision, but upon the admirable manner in which it has conducted itself in the entire matter. Despite obvious provocation from certain sources, the Committee has not responded in kind, resorting to personalities. Well done, London!

ON THE PROFESSIONAL FRONT. The recently published New Worlds (number 150) is a special all star issue, with a Ted Carnell guest editorial, a photo supplement and stories by Charles Harness, who has begun to write again after an absence from the field of almost ten years, by Jack Vance, Ted Tubb, John Brunner, Brian Aldiss and J.G. Ballard. Harry Douthwaite makes his New Worlds debut in number 151 with what is described as “a far out” illustration. Charles Platt contributes the lead story, Lone Zone, to number 152 and stories by Brian Aldiss and Mack Reynolds will be featured in number 153 in which issue will also begin the first British serialisation (and the first British appearance) of Harry Harrison’s very well received. Bill, The Galactic Hero. Also making an appearance in the same issue will be “Dr.Peristyle,” late of Vector.

Compact Books are to publish a series of interplanetary romances on the lines of the E.R.Burroughs books. First title is Warriors of Mars by E.P.Bradbury. New Writings in SF is to be published in U.S. by Bantam. Granada TV have bought Panther Books. Ace Books are publishing the entire Fellowshipof the Ring @ 75cents. BBC’s 2nd TV channel will screen a series of sf plays in the autumn. Twelve stories have so far been selected, including Colin Kapp’s Lambda 1. Stanley Kubrick will direct Arthur C Clarke’s Journey Beyond the Stars for MGM. Filming begins in August at Borehamwood. Interviews with Jim Ballard and Michael Moorcock appeared in the Charles Greville column of the Daily Mail on 14th April.

Several million fanzines have rolled in since mention was last given to the zine-scene in Skyrack. Some excellent material contained in many of them and obviously they are deserving of more space than is accorded them below.

FUSION 2 (Apri1 65; Jim Grant,: 7. Sydney Rd, Fairmile, Christchurch, Hants) Personal comments from and articles by the editor. Entertaining and readable but not over noteworthy.

YAWL-B (Chris Priest, “Cornerways,” Willow Close, Doddinghurst, Brentwood, Essex) “Something new in fanzines” or at least in titling, the first of a 3 part trilogy. Good review of the continental sf situation by Richard Gordon, interesting questions on writers posed by Beryl Henley.

LINK 3 (March 65; Beryl Henley, 59 The Fearnings, Crabbs Cross, Redditch, Worcs) More way out humour and commentary from fandom’s distaff side.

BEYOND 8 (April 65; Charles Platt, 18E Fitzjohn Ave., London NW 3.)  A very good half-crown’s worth with a balance of sercon comment and humour. Contains a second survey on the BSFA, good artwork and some very meaty and readable articles. The final issue. Recommended.

Of major importance to the collector is the excellent Robert Bloch Bibliography compiled. by Graham Hall, 57 Church St., Tewkesbury,Gloc., very complete and containing a note by Bloch himself.

PADLOCK 3 (Dick Howett, 94 Ravensbourne Cres., Harold Wood, Essex) is one of the better produced PADzines, even with an article on, of all things, naturism. Very good, but far too short, article on Lon Chaney by David Cleveland.

The Delta Group’s fanzine, Alien, is now large octavo, litho and experienced a title change, namely to Alien Worlds. Two issues (14 & 15) are to hand since the changeover. Material still slanted towards fantasy, the macabre and the horror film. Excellent photo art work. 1/3d from Chuck Partington, 2 Matlock Ave., or from Harry Nadler, 5 South Mesnefield Rd., both Lower Kersal, Salford 7, Lancs.

ZENITH SPECULATION (no 8. Mar 65. Peter Weston, 9 Porlock Cres., Northfield, Birmingham 31. 2/- per copy. 7/6d for 5 issues, until 1st June) Excellent production and excellent material from Terry Jeeves, Walt Willis, Archie Mercer and Beryl Henley. Highlight an article by Fritz Leiber. Definitely recommended.

HYPHEN 36 (1/-. Walt & Madeleine Willis, 27 Clonlee Dr., Belfast 4) The best five shillings worth in fandom, well up to its traditionally excellent standard. Present this time round are George Locke, Tom Perry and Bob Shaw. If you need these words to be introduced to this fanzine, then boy! you’re certainly a newcomer to the field.

Charles Platt, who is folding Beyond, has entered upon a new venture, namely TOMORROWSCOPE, a monthly reviewzine, two issues of which are to hand,. Four issues for 2/6d. Undoubtedly a very worthwhile addition to the fanzine field, with well balanced book and magazine reviews worth collecting as a permanent source of reference.

VECTOR 31 (March 65) is the final issue produced for the BSFA by Roger Peyton during his first tenure of office, Mainly devoted this issue to reviews and criticism.

NADIR 4 (Charles Winstone, 71 George Rd, Erdington, Birmingham 23) The best issue to date, with factual material by John Berry, a strip cartoon by Charles Winstone and Mike Higgs and other good and readable material by Terry Jeeves, Pete Weston, Archie Mercer and several thousand readers.

From Ethel Lindsay comes the latest unnumbered HAVERINGS with two or three very good pointers on subscribing to fanzines and the usual excellent and thorough commentaries on every fanzine in the field. A must for the fanzine fan.

Walt & Madeleine Willis, 27 Clonlee Drive, Belfast 4.
Charles Platt, 18E Fitzjohns Avenue, London NW 3
Burkhard. Blum, 6 Frankfurt-l, Mertonstr. 28, Studentenhaus.
Richard H. Eney, 6500 Fort Hunt Rd., Alexandria,Va 22307.
Ken & Irene Potter, 4 Hartington St., Lancaster.
Joe & Anne Patrizio, 14 Pilgrim Close, Park Street, St. Albans, Herts

SNIPPETS: George Adamski, author of the1954 best seller The Flying Saucers Have Landed which set back sf possibly some twenty years has died aged 74, at his Maryland home ::: Nina McDonagh, 12 Pershore Rd., Southdene, Kirkby, Lancs. is trying to form a Kirkby group. If you know anyone who lives on the Z Cars estate and who reads sf ... :::: Congratulations to the Science Fiction Club of London whose 100th meeting was held at Courage House on 9th May :::: Ethel Lindsay is now out of hospital and back at Courage House and Bill Temple has also now escaped from what he terms “the Twilight Zone,” following his recent operation. Very pleasant to hear you’re both crawling around once again. Especially pleasant is a letter from our Enthusiast Extraordinaire, Rory Faulkner who says that whilst the after effects of her recent serious illness are still bothering her she is making steady progress and is obviously enjoying herself. :::: Greyhound bus company finally settled for a cash payment in the long hunt for luggage belonging to Walt & Madeleine Willis lost during their 1962 Stateside venture :::: Kingsley Amis recently divorced ::: Eric Bentcliffe, 51 Thorn Gr. ,Cheadle Hulme, Cheadle, Cheshire, is planning a Bastion revival, notes that his address list is well out out date and, asks if those who would normally receive a copy would please contact him :::: Bob Tucker reported to be writing a novel about fans and conventions :::: Earl & Nancy Kemp are moving to San Diego :::: March Natural History ran an article on scientific hoaxes by Bob Silverberg :::: Rbt Coulson is selling copies of Jack Vance, Science Fiction Stylist by Dick Tiedman. l/9d from U.K. agent, Alan Dodd, 77 Stanstead. Rd., Hoddesdon, Herts.