This is SKYRACK number 80, a mere two pages of sf and fan news, dated 17th June 1965 and published by Ron Bennett, 52 Fairways Drive, Forest Lane, Harrogate, Yorkshire, England. 2/6d for 6 issues. 6 issues for 35c (airmail 70c) in the USA where subscriptions may be sent to Bob Coulson whose new address appears overleaf.

THE 1966 BSFA CONVENTION will be held over the Easter weekend at the Royal Hotel, Marine Parade, Great Yarmouth. The hotel, which is situated on the sea front, has 60 bedrooms and an assembly hall which seats 100. There is lock-up accommodation for 6 cars and there is a garage within easy walking distance. B&B is from 35/6d to £2 per day, or an all inclusive rate at around 50/- per day. One point to note, is that the Trust House organisation, which owns the hotel, may possibly be increasing their prices later in the year. Watch this space.

Registration fee for the con is 7/6d, deductable from the attendance fees of 17/6d BSFA and £1 non-BSFA., 28 fans have already joined the con and if you would like to join too, then send your 7/6d to the Convention Chairman, Dave Barber, 1 Westfield Road, Wisbech, Cambs. Congratulate him on his very recent engagement at the same time! Other Committee members are Archie Mercer (programme; to be assisted by Don Geldart and George Locke), Phil Rogers (General Worrier & Trouble Shooter), Ken Slater (Professional and Public Relations) and Mrs. Doreen Parker(B.S.F.A. representative).

Guest of Honour will be sf publisher Ronald Whiting.

MEANWHILE BACK AT THE… It's getting close to the happy time, the last weekend in August, when fans from the scattered continents will gather together at the 23rd World Convention which will be held at the Mount Royal Hotel, Marble Arch, London W.l. Guest of Honour is Britain's own Mr. S.F., Brian W. Aldiss and lined up for the programme are a tremendous 35/- per head beanfeast, a This is Your (Fan) Life expose, and showings of the latest Delta films, Castle of Terrors and Breathworld.

The Convention's Business Meeting will be chaired by Convention Chairman Ella Parker whilst the 1966 Convention site is selected. Thereafter the Convention's Parliamentarian will take the chair to conduct business relating to committee reports, by-laws etc. Motions for debate should be submitted, in triplicate please, to the Committee by 10th August, two copies to the Convention Secretary, Ethel Lindsay, Courage House, 6 Langley Avenue, Surbiton, Surrey, and one copy to George Scithers, USA Research & Development Group, APO New York, NY 09757 or c/o the European Research Office, Theodor Heuss Allee 2, 6 Frankfurt/ Main W.13, Germany.

THE NEW AMAZING STORIES is now on sale in the States, dated August, with 32 extra pages and stories by Young, Silverberg, Asimov and Bradbury. The September Fantastic, also with 32 extra pages, will feature stories by Asimov, Leiber and Sturgeon. Both magazines will appear bimonthly.  

Robert & Juanita Coulson, Route 3, Hartford City, Indiana 47348 USA.
Ian&Betty Peters, 292 Southend Lane, London, SE.6.
Walt & Madeleine Willis, "Strathclyde,” Warren Road,Donaghadee, Co. Down, N. Ireland.

HOLIDAY MINICON SEASON. Ella Parker visited the new palatial home of Walt & Madeleine Willis over the Whitsun weekend, also meeting James and Peggy White, George Charters and the hitherto elusive John Berry. ::: The Liverpool Group's Shorrocks and Nuttalls, Eddie Jones and John Roles, reinforced by Keith and Wendy Freeman and Phil Rogers, are holidaying in Minorca. ::: Ken, Joyce, Michael and Susan Slater, plus Terry, Val, Keith, Sandra and Pauline Jeeves visited Hunstanton and suggest Sandringham House as a possible convention site (with the Beatles gaining M.B.E.'s, I'd say that there is a good chance). ::: Mike Sharp, Alan Chorley, Mary Reed, Pete Weston and Archie Mercer held the Bristol Microcon. ::: Harry Nadler, Chuck Partington and Bill Burns visited Harrogate for a brief 3 hour stint. ::: And Eric, Beryl & Lindsay Bentcliffe are in Spain. Many thanks for all the cards and letters, folks.

PERSONAL ADVERT  DEPT. Is there any fan living within reasonable proximity to Harrogate who is motoring to the London Worldcon and who would be willing to put up with the Bennetts on the journey on a share-expenses basis? ::: Seven shillings or a dollar will still get you a copy of Colonial Excursion, the account of my 1958 TAFF trip to the Los Angeles SolaCon.  Full of Atomillos. And about time the remaining 93 copies were sold. ::: Orders are now being taken for The 1965 Directory of SF Fandom. Several fans have asked me about the possibility of producing another Directory. So, right: Later this year folks. Pre-publication price (fans only ) is 2/6d or 35c.

SNIPPETS. Congratulations to Dave Barber, 1966 Convention Chairman and crisp bragfan, on his engagement to Miss Maureen Holmes of Fantast (Medway) Ltd.::: Tolkien fans please note that importation to and sale in this country of the recent Ace editions are illegal. ::: TAFF delegate Terry Carr is editing Doubleday’s Science Fiction for People who Hate Science Fiction. ::: Stefantasy's Bill Danner has a high pressure story, Guarantee Period, in the June Magazine of Horror. ::: For Sale: US Edition Magazine of Horror June 65. 2/-.