This is SKYRACK 80a, dated 30th June 1965 and published by Ron Bennett, 52 Fairways Drive, Forest Lane, Harrogate, Yorkshire, England. 2/6d for 6 issues. 35cents for 6 issues in the USA (airmail 70 cents) where subscriptions may be sent to Robert Coulson, Route 3, Hartford City, Indiana 47348


Just a year ago fandom set itself a £150 target in an attempt to ensure that Colin Freeman, editor of SCRIBBLE, OMPAn extraordinaire, and permanent patient in a Knaresborough hospital, travelled to the World Convention which will be held in London over the last weekend in August. With over £85 in the British "kitty" and some $200 in the American "Andy Capp" treasury held by California’s Dave Hulan, the combined amount represents a tremendous drive by fans known and unknown throughout the world.

Despite the earlier raising of hopes that Colin would indeed be well enough to take full advantage of this overwhelming generosity the Fund's many contributors must now be disappointed. Whilst Colin has been able to partake in recent day trips to Manchester Belle Vue Zoo and to Scarborough on the Yorkshire coast he is not well enough to undertake a more rigorous journey. He will definitely not be able to travel to the Worldcon.

Accordingly, all monies donated to the Fund are being returned forthwith. Bear with me, please, if your donation  is not herewith enclosed. If you live abroad there may be a little delay in getting the money to you (in this event a note should be enclosed).

Whilst no information is at the present time available as regards those worthies who donated to the American treasury, the following donations were received by me:
Michael Moorcock £1; Anon £5; Roger Peyton 10/-; Charles Winstone £1; Graham Hall 2/6; Sid Birchby £1; Ethel Lindsay 22/6d; Anon 5/-; Christopher M. Priest 10/-; Edward W. Ball £1; Charles Platt 19/2d; D.G.Small £1; Anon £1; John Willett 2/6d; Tony Walsh £1; Eddie Jones 7/6d; Ethel Lindsay 4/-; Anon £3; Anon 13/-; Ken Slater £1; Chris Priest 3/-; Des Squire £1; Keith Otter £1. l0s; W.Darroll Pardoe £1; Jhim Linwood 7/6d; Anon 10/-; Brian & Frances Varley 10/-; Anon 3/11d; Irene B. Lillington 21/-; John A. McCallum £5; Peter Day 5/-; Walt Willis £5; Anon 6/-; Ken McIntyre £1; Gerald Kirsch 21/-; Frank O'Neill 10/- J.M.MacGregor £1; Joe Gibson 28/-; Roy Kay £1; Anon 6/- ; Roberta Gray 11/-; Anon 6/-; Chris Priest 10/-; Anon 8/-; A. Garbutt 10/-; Anon 6/-; Charles Platt 10/3d; Tom Schluck £1; Charles Platt 5/-; Ivor Latto £2; Harry McGannity £1; Ian McAulay 10/-; Ed Meskys 1/6d; Nina McDonagh 2/6d; Anne Steul £1; George Locke £10; Antonio Dupla 10/-; Ethel Lindsay 16/3d; Group 65 £15.3s; Judi Sephton 1/-; Art Hayes $3, Anon 50c; Wally Cole $1; James V. Taurasi Sr  $1; Frank Prieto Jr $2; Julius & Naomi Postal $1; Chris Steinbrunner 50c; Belle C. Dietz $1; Allan Howard $1; Franklin M. Dietz $2; Anon $3.60; Anon $1.40, Stu Hoffman $2; (shucks) Anon $10; Bill Danner $5, Richard H. Eney $19, Delta films $1, William Rostler $3.50; Graham Hall 25c; TriCon $38.

In addition David Piper was selling books, Geoff Wingrove was selling fanzines, Ian McAulay, Ivor Latto and Judi Sephton donated fanzines.

My apologies to anyone who is any way hurt or annoyed by the publication of the above list, which does not include many fans who pledged money and other support. I feel that possibly such a listing as this one is in many ways unsatisfactory, but bear with me, please. In addition to the extreme disappointment I feel concerning this entire project, a disappointment which will doubtlessly be shared, I have enough on my plate as it were at the moment returning monies and tying up the Fund as quickly as possible.


TAFF.  For the first time for many years fandom is in a position of having no current TAFF campaign. Administrators Wally Weber & Arthur Thomson say: "With the close of the recent campaign, TAFF is taking a breather before opening nominations again. One thing that we do not want is to develop an attitude among fans of "Ho hum, just another TAFF campaign." TAFF has been running steadily for the past several years now and the enthusiasm which has been its life blood is bound to be replaced with apathy if elections are scheduled by the calendar rather than by need. It is time to stand back and evaluate this remarkable fannish phenomenon."

SNIPPETS: Ikaria XB I, the Czech sf film was given a double showing at the National Film Theatre on 4th June. ::: Heinlein's co-scripter for Destination Moon, Rip Van Ronkel, died recently in Hollywood, aged 57. ::: The Daily Mail recently ran an article on Earlybird, stating that Arthur C. Clarke co-ordinated the satellite's orbit some dozen years ago and had he copyrighted it at the time he could now be pulling in a cool £35 million per year. ::: Alan Dodd is planning a summer holiday in Poland which includes a visit to the salt mines. ::: Going the rounds at the moment is an epic sf film entitled Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. Do we laugh or cry? ::: Bobbie Grey recently passed her Diploma in Astrological Studies.

FANZINES: Ethel Lindsay’s HAVERINGS 19 is out, the, usual comprehensive survey of the fanzine field. This will be the last issue to published until after the London Worldcon, a not altogether unexpected announcement in view of the fact that Ethel is the Convention Secretary. ::: TOMORROWSCOPE 3 (4 issues for 2/6d) is in from Charles Platt, 18E Fitzjohns Ave., London NW 3, an excellent survey of the latest professional sf in hardback, paperback and magazine form. ::: THE GRYPHON, numbers 15 and 16, is published by John Foyster, PO Box 57, Drouin, Victoria, Australia. The usual views, comments and opinions as seen by well-known members of Australian fandom. Number 16 also contains a lengthy article on jazzman Charlie Parker. Number 15 is outstanding, probably the best fanzine, from the points of view of material and layout, ever to come out of the far colony (Dominion my eye! After the way you beat us at cricket and rugby league… not that anyone in Victoria has ever heard of rugby league) with  Lee Harding's excellent article On Location With Stanley Kramer. Full of professional photopages of stars like Robert Mitchum and Deborah Kerr and accounts of working on The Sundowners and On The Beach. A Trufan's movie mag, this. :::