This is SKYRACK number 82, published on 24th August 1965 by Ron Bennett, 52 Fairways Drive, Forest Lane, Harrogate, Yorkshire, England in an attempt to keep fresh the news on hand before it is overwhelmed by the vast array of goodies in store in London within the next seven days. 2/6d for 6 issues. 35c for 6 issues in USA (airmail 70c for 6 issues) where subscriptions may be sent to Robert Coulson, Route 3, Hartford City, Indiana 47348. News of interest to sf fans always welcome.

Please note: postage rates have recently increased once again, yet Skyrack remains at its original 1959 price and is today the lowest priced newszine in the field, Ratatosk selling  at 3 for 1/9d and Focal Point at 10 issues for 7/-. It is possible that the price of Skyrack will be raised for number 83; that's one issue only and any increase will depend entirely upon the coverage given to the Worldcon.


Edmund Crispin, editor of the Faber Best SF series, has agreed to fill the British S.F. Association’s Presidential vacancy. Since Brian Aldiss resigned from the position upon his return from Jugoslavia last October the B.S.F.A. has been giving serious thought to the matter of a worthy replacement, a man of enthusiasm whose name and talents might be known and respected outside the Association's limited sphere as well as within it. Accordingly, the membership at large should be extremely pleased - and proud - of Mr. Crispin's acceptance of the position. In making this announcement, the Association's Chairman, Roy Kay, writes: ''We are particularly proud to have Mr. Crispin's name underneath the ‘President’ heading on the BSFA notepaper and publications, not only for the prestige his name will lend to the Association, but also because we know that Mr. Crispin will be on hand to give the committee the benefit of his help and advice, to which we shall be all too ready to listen. We believe that the President should take an active part in the affairs of the Association, as did Brian Aldiss, and we are glad to welcome a new President who also shares this view.”

Edmund Crispin, Robert (Bruce) Montgomery, is well known in the world of music as a composer, conductor, arranger and organist, is the author of several Gervase Fen mystery novels, and has been a member of the BSFA for some years, having also been Guest of Honour at the BSFA’s 1963 Convention.

Charles Platt, 71 Sinclair Road, London W.14.
George.H.Scithers, European Research Office, 1G Hochhaus (Zimmer 030), 6 Frankfurt/Main 1, Germany.

JOHN RUSSELL FEARN, THE ULTIMATE ANALYSIS is the title of an amazing labour of love by Philip Harbottle (4/- or 10/6 for 3 copies, 27 Cheshire Gardens, Wallsend on Tyne, Northumberland), a 94 paged, foolscap sized compilation of everything which can be said about this highly prolific, highly maligned writer. The views are well balanced and lack illogical emotionalism. Undoubtedly, here is one of the major achievements of British fandom for many a long year.

Trumpet 2 (Tom Reamy, 6010 Victor, Dallas, Texas 75214. 50c. 3/6 or 5 for 14/- from Des Squire, 24 Riggindale Rd., London SW 16), Slick, printed and very professional, both in layout and content: Definitely worth a try. ::: Vector 33 (BSFA official organ) full of news and reviews and well up to standard. ::: From Charles Platt (address above; 4 for 3/6d) comes the 5th issue of Tomorrowscope, an excellent review/survey magazine of what is new within the sf field. A definite must. ::: Spot Wobble 1 (Dick Howett, 94 Ravensbourne Cres., Harold Wood, Havering, Essex) contains a Birmingham Con report by Chris Priest and a good article on the Daily Mirror's comic strip, Garth, but otherwise one is left with the impression that the editor was hard put to fill the pages.

IF THERE IS ANYONE IN THE AUDIENCE WHO DOESN'T ALREADY KNOW….The largest ever conclave of sf writers, editors, readers and fans will gather this weekend, 27th-30th August, at the Mount Royal Hotel, Marble Arch, London. Come along and join the fun. Better early than late. Many conventioneers are already in attendance, expectant with baited breath!

SNIPPETS: One time teen age Travelling Giant and only recorded member of Pakistani fandom, Jim Caughran, is touring Britain with his wife Sue. Plans are to drop in on Harrogate fandom on Wednesday. ::: Terry Carr, LonCon TAFF delegate, is planning to take his wife Carol to visit Ireland the week following the con.::: Ted Forsyth has been touring his estates in Edinburgh and approving Festival arrangements. ::: Ace Books are bringing out John Rackham's We The Venusians, to be backed by Avram Davidson's Rogue Dragon, an interesting pairing, Ella, if there ever was one. ::: Brian and Frances Varley are moving north once again. Brian has gained a promoted job in Leeds and the couple plan to move from London mid-September. CoA as soon as I have it.:::John Campbell - meet John Campbell. The Liverpool Group is looking forward to having their own pet author, John Ramsey Campbell, meet John W. Campbell Jr at the Worldcon (Mount Royal Hotel, Marble Arch, London. 27th/30th August), The editor of Analog is definitely attending and is expected to participate on the programme. ::: At the end of July BBC 2 TV ran a programme comparing inventions and technological advances with those forecast over the years by sf writers. The programme featured such names as J.J. Pierce, Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov, Hugo Gernsback and Sam Moskowitz. ::: Mike Sharp’s projected fanzine is now to be called Troll.::: Boston SF Club is organising a regional convention starting 10th September. ::: The latest Quark is in from Tom Perry, 4018 Laurel Ave., Omaha, Nebraska 68111, the usual high grade selection with outstanding material by Walt Willis on the Great Greyhound War and Gina Clarke on George Lincoln Rockwell. ::: I’ve received, via Liverpool, a British Money Order issued in July at Wien 31, Austria, but have had no word from the sender. Can anyone shed any light on this, please? ::: Congratulations to Steve and Virginia Schultheis, father and mother of twin boys born 24th July.::: 1964 Pacificon II gave $100 to the LonCon and have $200 on hand to give to the next TAFF delegate. ::: See you at the 1965 World SF Convention, at the Mount Royal Hotel.