This is SKYRACK 89, dated 17th April 1966 and published by non-stop Ron Bennett, 52 Fairways Drive, Forest Lane, Harrogate, Yorkshire, England. Six issues for 2/6d or 35 cents (70¢ airmail). Stateside subscriptions may be sent to U.S. Representative, Buck Coulson, Rte 3, Hartford City, Indiana 47348. News of interest to Science Fiction Fandom welcomed. Contributors this issue are Arthur Thomson, Tom Schluck, Terry Jeeves and Norman Shorrock. 



The 1966 Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund campaign to send a European delegate to the Cleveland September "TriCon" wound up on 13th April with German Thomas Schluck elected after a hard fight against Eric Jones, Peter Weston and Bo Stenfors. Whilst the final returns have at the time of writing not arrived, it would take some thirteen last minute votes to arrive at the home of American Administrator Terry Carr to make necessary even a second count, Tom having collected well over 50% of the first place votes on the ballot forms already to hand. Provisional figures, which include the final European vote (subject to checking), of the first place votes collected by Terry Carr in the USA and Arthur Thomson in London break down as follows:

                                             USA             EUROPE            TOTAL      

THOMAS SCHLUCK              35                      48                       83         
ERIC JONES                           17                       22                      39         
PETER WESTON                    15                        5                       20         
BO STENFORS                         2                        3                        5       

"Hold Over Funds" netted 2 votes, and there was one write in vote for Len Moffatt.

Votes were received by Arthur Thomson from, L Anderson, T Auler, Dave Barber, A Beha, Ron Bennett, K Berger, Tom Boardman Jr., C Boise, E Bolschen, Ken and Pamela Bulmer, A Burkhard, B Dittrich, H Eborom, Franz Ettl, W. Erichstellar, Horst Evermann, Colin Freeman, Keith & Wendy Freeman, A Fritsch, Jimmy Groves, Frank Herbert, Tom Holt, H Hornlien, R Huwig, Terry & Val Jeeves, A V Jineiner, Eric & Margaret Jones, Gary Klupfel, W Kumming, Mario Kwiat, C Kuntara, Dave & Ruth Kyle, P Lange, Ethel Lindsay, Peter Mabey, Axel Melhardt, V Milbe, H Muller, Harry & Marie Nadler, I Nilsson, K Pasch, Darroll Pardoe, Ella Parker, Roger Peyton, Brenda Piper, D Ploger, W Quilitz, W Reinecke, H Reluard, Phil Rogers, F Rollensteiner, Michael Rosenblum, D Sacho, Thomas Schluck, R Schui, Ina and Norman Shorrock, Peter Singleton, Ken Slater, Charles Winstone, Madeleine and Walt Willis and G Zech.

There is over $400 in the American Treasury and some £83 hold by Arthur Thomson. Arthur's holding is made up as follows: Held over from the last campaign £40; Ken Slater's LonCon midnight auction £4.18.71/2d; bonds from nominators of Eric Jones, Bo Stenfors and Thomas Schluck 35/- each (Terry Carr holds Peter Weston's); Thomas Schluck £2; German fans via Ron Bennett 35/-; Phil Rogers and Michael Rosenblum One Guinea each; Peter Mabey £l; L Anderson, Dave Barber, Carl Brandon, Jimmy Groves, Eric Jones, Margaret Jones, Ethel Lindsay, Roger Peyton, Peter Singleton, Charles Winstone 10/- each; Horst Evermann £l; Darroll Pardoe £l; Bruce & Dian Pelz 7/6d; A Bella 7/-; Ron Bennett, Tom Boardman, C Boise, Ken Bulmer, Pamela Bulmer, Ted Forsyth, Colin Freeman, Keith Freeman, Wendy Freeman, Frank Herbert, Tom Holt, Terry Jeeves, Val Jeeves, Dave Kyle, Ruth Kyle, Rich Mann, Harry Nadler, Marie Nadler, I Nilsson, Ella Parker, Brenda Piper, Ina Shorrock, Norman Shorrock, Madeleine Willis and Walt Willis 5/- each; Ivor Latto 2/6d; K Berger, H Hornlien, G Klupfel, W Reinecke, Ken Slater $1 each; T Auler, E Bolschen, A Burkhard, H Eborom, W.Erichstellar, F Ettl, A Fritsch, R Huwig, A Jineiner, W Kumming, M Kwiat, C Kuntara, A Melhardt, V Milbe, H Muller, K Paech, D PlAger, W Quilitz, H.Reluard, F Rollensteiner, D Sache, R Schui and G Zech DM 5 each; B Dittrich DM 4.Phew!

Sincere congratulations, then, to you, Herr Schluck, Kt.St.F., upon .a very well deserved election. And many thanks to all those worthies who supported in the campaign in its various phases. TriCon attendees will find that their TAFF delegate is a vital personality and a most worthy choice.

EASTER CASTLECON. Quite co-incidentally, in the same post as the TAFF results, there also arrived a letter from Tom Schluck in which he writes, “I was a little disappointed at Skyrack 87 mentioning only two conventions taking place over the Easter weekend. I was attending the first German Eastervention which turned out to be a surprisingly big affair - about 80 attendees. The Marquartstein Castle hasn't lost anything of its old flavour, despite the new proprietor and his several changes. It was great again. Good weather and a fairly good programme provided the background for happenings in the Castle. Peter Mabey's Worldcon and Castlecon slides were shown and the only half-official programme item consisted of a discussion about Gerfandom's clubzine, ANDROMEDA. Another very interesting discussion was an argument between specialists whether or not sf could be graded amongst a form of sub fiction in general comprising westerns, detective or love stories etc. I, particularly, and the Marquartstein Vurguzz Convention in general, were highly delighted to receive a telegram of good wishes from the YarCon attendees.”

(My apologies about the omission, Tom)

Rich Brown, Mike McInerney, 250 W,16th St(Apt 5FW), New York, NY 10011, USA.
Peter Mabey, 110 Russell Lane, London N 20.
Andy Main, PO Box 4602, Santa Barbara, Calif 93103, USA.

THE BSFA YARCON (continued). Terry Jeeves and Norman Shorrock each sent items which crossed in the post with the Convention issue. Norman informs us that the Ted Tubb costume, which was awarded the Bob Richardson Memorial Award represented Fu Manchu and that Brian Burgess went swimming. Norman also sent along several thousand examples of the quote cards which were once again distributed. Some great cards - Please, I am a stranger here, can you direct me to the Scientific Fictional Conference?...Read this quickly, then eat it...Crazy Golf?...Something at Reception is asking for you...Once a Knight is enough...Would you care for a little fate worse than death... Did you ever get the feeling that this has all happened before?...and "Look Ron Bennett -- Quote Cards!"